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‘13 Years And I Still Love You’? Did Nash Aguas Just Two-Time?

‘13 Years And I Still Love You’? Did Nash Aguas Just Two-Time?

We can all still remember how former Goin’ Bulilit stars, Nash Aguas and Alexa Ilacad formed the kakilig love team, “NLex”. A ton of people across the Philippines both teen and not supported them in every step of the way and shipped them without end until the love team actually became a couple — well, sort of.

Alexa Ilacad and Nash Aguas had apparently become trapped in that “MU” state or most commonly known as the “mutual understanding” situation as young teenagers in the industry who could not be in a relationship just yet. Eventually, things had gotten awry until both parties decided to end that MU label.

Source: MYX

Now, Alexa is focusing on her career while Nash is out and about with someone new and well, at the same time really not as his current girlfriend is his long-time crush, Mika dela Cruz.


Alexa admitted that she feels happy for the two and that Nash and her are civil, but right after that comment Nash made on one of Mika dela Cruz’s Instagram posts, Alexa had another thing to say.

“13 years and I still love you,” was the infamous comment Nash wrote on Mika dela Cruz’s post that has been making rounds around the internet for the past week. With this, Alexa has questioned the timeline and has wondered where Nash fit her within those thirteen years and if she was ever really included.

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Netizens have also been reacting to it, dubbing Nash Aguas as “the next Gerald Anderson.”

Well, this story sure is in quite the frenzy now, isn’t it?

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