15 Live Action Disney Movies Coming Our Way + 5 Other Disney Movies That We Wish Would Actually Become Live Action

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Disney studios has been rapidly changing as years pass. And as now a studio who adapts their own animated movies, we could say that there have been pretty good and well, not so good changes, but otherwise, they truly are all a treat to the eyes and child-like soul.

To be fair, if we could describe Disney’s “live-action journey”, we’d say it’s actually been a pretty rocky one with Disney fortunately still being stable with each movie as they still successfully manage to bring joy to every child’s heart.

Disney’s live-action adaptations more or less began with the 1994 adaptation of The Jungle Book which actually, not a lot of people may know of.

Source: The Movie Database

Things got better with 101 Dalmatians though.

Source: Films And Things

Then things began to change even more when Disney gave a different take on Alice In Wonderland with Tim Burton directing (so yes, lots of pale people).

Source: Now Very Bad

Alice In Wonderland became Disney’s first step in paving way for the other live-action remakes of the various Disney classics we know today.

Maleficent (2014)
Source: IMDb
Cinderella (2015)
Source: Movies 4 Kids
The Jungle Book (2016)
Source: Detroit Free Press
Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016)
Source: Time
Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Source: Nerdist
Christopher Robin (2018)
Source: Variety
Dumbo (2019)
Source: The Sunday Post
Aladdin (2019)
Source: Movies 4 Kids
The Lion King (2019)
Source: Empire
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)
Source: Time

And two other upcoming live-action movies with already released trailers.

Lady and the Tramp (2019)
Source: Elle
Mulan (2020)
Source: The Business Insider

And now of course, Disney isn’t at all stopping any time soon. Coming our way are 15 more Disney movies being made into live-action and making its way to the big screen. Here’s the list of it below:

1. Cruella (2021)

Source: Harper’s BAZAAR

Emma Stone is set to star as the despicable fashion icon obsessed with Dalmatian dog coats. Cruella will focus on the tale of Cruella De Vil and will serve as the prequel to the 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians movies.

2. The Little Mermaid (TBD)

Source: Harper’s BAZAAR

The Little Mermaid is comin’ straight to us from under the seas and into our big screens. To be a part of her world is going to something magical as we take a glimpse of what life is like as a real mermaid princess, especially with Halle Bailey starring as the curious Ariel.

3. Genies (TBD)

Source: The Hollywood Inquirer

The Genies movie is apparently going to serve as a prequel to Aladdin, taking us into a whole new world of purely genies (just as the title says) and it’s especially going to focus on how Genie got enslaved in the lamp in the first place.

4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (TBD)

Source: DisInsider

Disney’s darkest and most controversial animated film is set to become the live-action it deserves to be. There’s no casting yet for this one, but what we do know is that Josh Gad has signed to become a producer of the film. People are still wondering though whether he’s the one to play Quasimodo, the hunchback of the Notre Dame church in France while others are hoping it’ll be Dear Evan Hansen’s Ben Platt who’ll be tapped to play the disabled bell ringer.

Source: Playbill
Source: Bustle

5. Lilo & Stitch (TBD)

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

That’s right, folks. Disney isn’t apparently only doing 80s and 90s movie classics filled with fairytales, they’re working on early 2000s movies too, starting with everyone’s 2002 sci-fi favorite, Lilo & Stitch which honestly brought us to tears. If it did back then, then we can probably guarantee Disney will be doing it with the remake again. We might even have to prepare the waterworks, right there.

Oh and if you’ve heard of this and saw a “CGI Stitch” online, don’t worry.

Source: Know Your Meme

THIS ONE RIGHT HERE IS PURELY A HOAX so yes, you can now take a deep breath and trust Disney will make Stitch stay as the cute alien he always was.

6. Rose Red (TBD)

Source: Bustle

If you thought you knew everything about the first Disney princess, well then you could be wrong!

Apparently, the original Grimms’ fairytale text on Snow White states that Snow White had a sister who comes by the name of Rose Red. As stories of Snow White were told throughout the world, Rose Red was slowly forgotten, but now Disney is changing all that by giving Rose Red the movie she deserves.

The story is set to tell the tale of Rose Red’s journey accompanied by dwarf, Grumpy, to help her cursed sister after having eaten an apple that shouldn’t have been eaten.

7. Peter Pan (TBD)

Source: Slashfilm

The tale of Peter Pan may have had countless of remakes with the same tale and a few tweaks here and there, but Disney is determined to change all that by promising a script that’s bound to be both magical and a tearjerker. How? We’re not really sure, but we sure are sure that we’re so excited to know.

8. Snow White & The Seven Dwarves (TBD)

Source: Medium

If you think Snow White’s story was just going to stop with the Rose Red film, you’re terribly mistaken, because Disney is going to be bringing another reimagined tale of Snow White, the princes, the seven dwarves, the wicked witch, and of course, the apple.

9. Pinocchio (TBD)

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Well, wowee Jimminy Cricket! Disney is reliving the tale of the innocent puppet who just wants to be a real boy and word tells that they’re giving a dark twist to the fairytale we had all come to love.

10. The Sword In The Stone (TBD)

Source: Mashable

The Sword In The Stone is another underrated Disney film which they’re willing to put back in the light. The movie tells the tale of the young Arthur who pulls excalibur from the stone (as said in the title). We’re all excited how this will turn out to be and we just can’t wait to see it!

11. Prince Charming (TBD)

Source: The Fandom

Disney princesses have been having their spotlight in the big screen a lot. Now, Disney has figured that it’s time to give a solo movie to every fairytale’s most famous prince, Prince Charming.

12. Tink (TBD)

Source: YouTube

Tinkerbell is getting her solo live-action movie! And guess what? Reese Witherspoon is set to play the playful and jolly fairy who’s always by Peter Pan’s side! How exciting is that?

13. Night On Bald Mountain (TBD)

Source: Variety

Not everyone knows Fantasia, Disney’s most renowned classic, but if you do, you may have to fangirl, because Disney is making a whole movie on the final sequence of the classical movie, Night On Bald Mountain.

14. Oliver Twist (TBD)

Remember that 80s Disney animated film based on Charles Dicken’s book Oliver Twist? The one about an orphaned kitten instead of an orphaned boy? Yes, Disney is remaking the timeless classic of Oliver and Company as a live-action movie for new and old audiences as Oliver Twist.

15. James and The Giant Peach (TBD)

Source: Into Film

Here’s the last movie Disney announced in their live-action remake plans. There aren’t much details on this film, but we can certainly suppose Disney is going to do a good job on this one.

With all these live-action movie announcements, I have a few other film proposals on our sleeves and we can only hope Disney will take notice.

1. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Source: Forbes

Atlantis: The Lose Empire sure was a movie ahead of its time back in 2001. It didn’t really succeed in the box office, but it sure did succeed in all our hearts. It’s only fitting Disney relives this film and bring to life Princess Kida and the awkward scholar Milo Thatch.

Sure there have been news about this becoming live action with Tom Holland set to star as Milo, but apparently it’s all been fake news and now, we can only hope for it to actually become true someday.

2. Hercules

Source: Backstage

Hercules is probably the only other musical timeless Disney classic other than Pocahontas that isn’t getting its live-action remake when in fact, this is one of the movies that should actually turned into live-action. We honestly need real life Meg belting to I Won’t Say I’m In Love, her signature sassy song.

3. Prince of Egypt

Source: YouTube

After Disney claimed rights to Fox’s animated movies, I figured that it would be worth putting these on the list. After all, why would Disney claim rights to them? And so if Disney ever does choose to make some of the Fox movies into live action, Prince of Egypt NEEDS to be one of them.

A musical that tells the story of Moses and the ten commandments. It’s honestly a perfect movie for kids and kids at heart, making one believe in the powers of God.

4. The Road To El Dorado

Source: Character Design References

It’s another Fox animated movie claimed by Disney. The Road To El Dorado is a fun adventure comedy that tells the tale of two Spanish explorers who are friends in every way who end up discovering the rich world of South America.

5. Anastasia

Source: Bustle

Anastasia is one of my most favorite films and that’s mostly because of the touching story and songs. It’s been a long debate whether Anastasia is a Disney princess or not and now that Disney has bought the rights of the movie, we suppose that it’s safe to say she is now part of the Disney family and with that, we hope Disney will celebrate her coming with a live-action movie, because honestly, we really need to see Journey to the Past and Once Upon a December on the big screen. Just imagine those chills it’ll send on your spine!

Well, this is definitely not impossible, especially with the success of the movie’s Broadway adaptation! You can be guaranteed that once Anastasia will become a live-action, it could be just as magical as the animated and Broadway or maybe even more combined.


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