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3 Reasons Why ‘Holding Up The Universe’ Is A Must Read For You Who Is Wanted

3 Reasons Why ‘Holding Up The Universe’ Is A Must Read For You Who Is Wanted

I’m a bookworm which means that I have a huge love for books. My friends would constantly find me at the library and if they don’t find me there, they’ll find me elsewhere — still reading. There’s just something about books that drives me wild in the best way possible. It transports me into a world that isn’t my own and I become someone else other than me as I see through the eyes of each character. Books are my escape in this crazy and messy world that constantly leads me to question my worth and value as a person. It’s my comfort zone and my motivation.

As a teenager still building myself up, I choose to get lost in the world of classic books and motivational contemporary young adult novels. Personally, my favorite author is Jennifer Niven when it comes to the contemporary section. I love all her books, but the story I admire the most is Holding Up The Universe which talks a lot about self-worth and value. I just got absolutely lost in the words of that book as I fell in love with the characters. It’s. That. Good. And other than the fact that All The Bright Places author Jennifer Niven wrote the book, here are other reasons why you deserve to get a taste of Holding Up The Universe.

1. It’s a love story between you and yourself.

Sure, when you read the premise you’ll see that Holding Up The Universe is a love story between Libby Strout, a teenager dubbed as the fattest one in America, and Jack Masselin who suffers from a mental disability, but as you dive deeper in the book, you’ll realize that the story is more centered on themes of self-worth and self-love.

It’s basically a love story that will make you fall in love with yourself over and over again.

2. It’ll remind you that you don’t need to change yourself for others.

Libby and Jack remind us all through them that all you really need to do is be happy with yourself and what you do (as long as it isn’t bad in the eyes of God). Don’t care about what people say. Just dance, dance, and dance because you don’t have to worry about everybody’s little opinion.

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3. It’ll teach you that society only becomes a food chain if you make it.

Jack Masselin has seen the world has one big food chain, thinking he won’t be the prey if he becomes the predator a.k.a. the bad person of the story just because all the “cool kids” were doing it. As the story progresses though, he realizes he doesn’t have to do bad things for people to like him. He sees that if they really were his friends, they would like him no matter what — even when he chooses to do the right thing (which is really an act people should really like).

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