3 Things We Wished We Knew About Makeup

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Over the years, makeup has been quite the go to essential for women. Naturally, we all didn’t need it in our childhood days, because we still weren’t too haggard or stressed to conceal whatever blemishes or wrinkles (that we obviously didn’t have back then) and the makeup products would be too harmful for our skin back then.

As we grow up though, people around us made it clear that we needed to learn how to put on makeup. From not putting it to putting it on numbered special occasions, we now put makeup whenever we feel like it. And that’s not a bad thing, because as long as you feel like a damn queen then you’re free to go. It’s a free world as long as you’re not hurting anybody. It’s also a good form of expression. After all, makeup really was made for art.

Even if we’re free to express ourselves with the art of makeup, I know that still does not stop each and every one of you wishing others thought you a few things about makeup before you got into the likings of the industry. Here are a few things I found on the internet mixed with a couple of my opinions to generalize what every girl basically wished she knew about makeup before she even put it.

1. The fact that simple is better. More makeup doesn’t necessarily mean more beauty.

As a child I always had the thought that tons of makeup will make you even more beautiful. After all, for a child-like mind, that would obviously make lots of sense. Unfortunately, I didn’t know a thing about correlations back then. Applying my scientific knowledge, I’d say the relationship between makeup and beauty is indirectly proportional. In simple English terms, more makeup doesn’t guarantee more beauty.

I honestly learned that the difficult way when I was fourteen during my promenade. My happy face turned to a sad one real quick. It was a DI-SAS-TER. I looked more dressed up for Halloween rather than my promenade and of course I didn’t really know that until people told me about it during my prom. That was frightening for a fourteen year old and honestly not helpful.

As years passed by, I preferred either really less makeup or even better, no makeup at all. Super thick makeup just didn’t work for me. Don’t let this stop you from applying whatever thick makeup though, but make sure that it will look good to you. I know a lot of people who rock with thick makeup styles. It should be awe-worthy and not laugh-worthy. Also remember that I said thick makeup and NOT SUPER THICK makeup.

2. Practice putting eyeliner more. That thing will be your enemy every single day.

Putting eyeliner sounds like an easy thing to do. But nobody says, “Hey just give me a minute. I’m just gonna put eyeliner,” and actually puts eyeliner within that one minute span of time. If you actually get to do this then you have my full on respect.

Let’s face complete reality though. Drawing that perfect line on your eyes ain’t a piece of cake. This is probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever tried and honestly, no matter how many tutorials I watch, I just can’t get the hang of it.

Guys from punk rock bands can apply eyeliner way more better than I ever can.

Lesson learned: actually practice wearing eyeliner. PLEASE. You’ll thank me someday.

3. Color blending is important in the world of makeup. No. Kidding.

Back in the good old days it was fascinating to see a big eye makeup color palette with varieties of color shades (with even more colors than the rainbow). Now I just feel like running to the closest door everytime I’m faced with one — most especially when there’s a school event and the people tell me to put it on my own. TOTAL. NIGHTMARE.

If you want a cool lit look, you might as well learn the color blending. That thing could be your worst enemy. It could be even worse than that eyeliner.

And that’s all of the things we all wished we knew about makeup.

If you guys have a ton more to say, feel free to comment and share your opinions! We’d be glad to hear your crazy makeup mishaps and wishes as we celebrate each and every woman — we’re all not perfect, but hey, that’s what makes us frigging beautiful.



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