4 Reasons Frozen’s Elsa Is Totally Fashion Savvy To Show She Isn’t Just A Princess — She’s A Queen

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Frozen 2 has come up to grace our theatres and let’s face the fact that Elsa isn’t just the queen of Arendelle or snow. She’s also the queen of fashion as she slays each and every outfit in every Frozen film.

If you won’t believe in us, then boy are you in for a treat, because we’re hooking you up with pictures of Elsa’s best looks yet while stating the five reasons she’s a toral fashion savvy. Who knows? You could learn a thing or two from the Disney queen.

#1. Elsa isn’t afraid to mix some colors up.

If the cold didn’t bother Elsa [anyway], I suppose we can all also say that colors don’t bother her either. She isn’t afraid to try to mix and match new colors and we certainly love that huge fact about her.

If you feel like you aren’t that well-versed with mixing up colors, here’s a fashion color palette to help you figure out which color is good with what.

#2. She has really good taste with fashion material.

We could say she’s pretty “exotic” with the materials she uses for her fabric. A dress made of ice? Ice is her life! (You could sure say that again, Kristoff.)

Seriously speaking though, there’s really no such thing as dresses made of ice. If anybody manages to make one (which I definitely believe could happen someday), I doubt it would be safe to wear it. Though some people may be worth melting for, dresses really aren’t worth it if they’ll just melt.

There IS such thing as ice blue COLORED dresses though and they’re honestly such a stylish treat!

#3. She looks like she could model for the New York fashion week.

We’d certainly love to see a real queen do a catwalk on stage.

Just look at how luxurious her winter coat is! It’s extremely extravagant and fitting for her. We’re loving it!

It reminds me too of the New York models during the winter time.

Fashionable, ain’t they?

Oh and by the way, can we just say that this outfit inspired by Elsa’s look in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, a Frozen short, is just fantabulous – fantastic and fabulous? (Yes, we just made a word. Now I’m hoping dictionaries add it.)

#4. Elsa isn’t afraid to step out of her fashion comfort zone.

We may have known the Disney queen to be sophisticated, proper, and very formal with her clothing. I guess we could say she’s the Kate Middleton of the Disney world (I mean like, HAVE YOU SEEN KATE MIDDLETON’S OUTFITS? They are SPEC-TAC-ULAR.) But even so, for the sake of the art of fashion, Elsa has stepped out of her usual fashion comfort space and totally gave us an outfit we all wanna have in our wardrobes if a voice ever calls out to us and tells us some nifty stuff about our past. OK, too much? Well, we could always hope we have ice powers. You could understand though how I could go ballistic like that. I mean, ELSA’S NEW STYLE (and new do) IS JUST TOO GOOD.

See what I mean??? She’s absolutely gorgeous.

We need to book some fashion lessons with this girl, stat.

Check out more of the lovely queen of ice, Arendelle, [and fashion], Elsa, as she heads on an adventure with her equally fashionable sister, Anna, into the unknown.


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