4 Times Anna Totally Made Us Say ‘That’s So Me’ In Disney’s ‘Frozen’

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Princess Anna of Arendelle has been a huge icon ever since the release of Frozen and that’s mostly because she’s kind of the first princess regular kids and teens (and perhaps even adults) have found extremely relatable. It’s for a number of reasons, but mostly because, Anna is pretty much like the average and everyday female who doesn’t have perfect days (I mean like, having your sister freeze the whole kingdom and an ex who wants to totally kill you guys? Oh and let’s not forget those trolls by the way. They’re cute, but yeah.) and that’s what makes her really appealing from the rest of the Disney princesses.

With the release of Disney’s Frozen 2, I figured it would be good to reminisce Anna’s quirky moments that made us say, “Yep, that’s spoooooo me,” because Anna is a seriously legit fluff ball we all need to care for.

#1. She wakes up with a bad hair do. A REALLY bad hair do, but her realistic “just woke up look” just makes her cooler.

Remember when we were little girls who were frustrated how Aurora in Sleeping Beauty looked too gorgeous upon waking up, because we literally didn’t look like that? Well, I know I was and for a time, I was actually trying to sleep like her, hoping to wake up like her.

Thankfully, by the time I turned eleven, Frozen came up to show girls “just woke up” moments don’t always have to be pretty and that well, most of the time they really aren’t.

#2. She stuffs chocolate into her face.

We may be girls, but we don’t always have to be poised because of our gender. This is a free world of stuffing chocolate into your mouth and Anna just totally nailed it.

#3. She’s hella clumsy. And by clumsy, we mean CLUMSY.

I don’t think i can count all of Anna’s clumsy moments.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I can count all of mine either.

#4. She has some crazy strength.

Girls can be crazy strong too and most of the time, those kinds of girls are the ones constantly messed with. Well, girls like us could definitely show guys a thing or two even if it falls out of the feminine standard, because who cares?

Girls run the world! And Anna totally showed that when she had this empowering moment with Hans…

…by punching him in the face. Well, he deserved it. I can’t say we won’t do the same thing to be honest.

We could seriously play this GIF over and over again.

Well that’s all we have for Anna’s quirkies moments. If you want to check out more, we’re sure Frozen 2 has a whole lot of them so go watch it in theatres now!


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