A Disney Revelation: Twitter Goes Crazy At How Olaf Is Actually 5″4 In Height

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Some people are worth melting for.

Ah, I’m not going to lie. Olaf’s classic quote in Frozen brought a warm subtle feeling to my heart.

Nobody can really not like Olaf the snowman. He was the character who bonded the two sisters together ever since they were kids. He’s too innocent, lovable, and just absolutely cute.

Frozen’s sequel even rewarded Olaf some more character and personality as he discovered the world and well, the woods, together with Elsa and Anna.

As much as we love Olaf though, lately, some news about him as seemed rather off and it’s a revelation not many really want to accept.

According to the internet, Olaf is actually 5″4.

Source: Twitter

And with this news, twitter is going nuts.

So many people are confused and that’s including me. Twitter has so many questions regarding the issue and we sure all honestly want it all answered.

Some of these questions are: if Olaf is 5″4, how tall is Elsa and Anna?

Many have made conclusions that Elsa and Anna are giants and that maybe, Elsa is a frost giant, connecting this theory to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly Thor and Loki’s story arc.

Many are also contemplating at how Olaf is taller than some K-pop idols.

They’re even driven crazy at how taller he is than their favorite anime characters.

They’re even thinking how Olaf is taller than Ariana Grande.

And how he’s basically taller than the netizens, themselves.

Many people have also begun drawing and theorizing how tall the other characters might be.

Gosh, this really has us in a frenzy. With Twitter’s noise though, we’re hoping Disney can make an official statement on this quite serious matter. We need some things cleared up here.

While waiting, here’s a little tweet that may all help us calm down so things can have much more sense.

We’re also going to totally go and rethink our life now. Bye for now.


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