Achieve On Point Fashion With A Minimalist Perspective

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Simplicity is beauty. If we had a dollar for every single time that was said, we’d be rich. Well, we’ll never get tired of hearing it though, considering that it’s incredibly true.

Nowadays, all people are chasing for is simplicity. It’s most especially what you’ll be finding if you feel like you’re constantly choked or weighed down by all those accessories and layers of outfits you wear. Minimalistic fashion can show you that being “minimal” (taken from the trend itself) can also make you look stylish, because it’s seriously a common misconception that tons of clothing and accessories is the only way to look fashionable. If you’re still thinking that way though, we’re about to shake your whole world and convince you how amazing minimalism is.

Summer Days.

Source: Pinterest

Minimalist summer fashion seems to have been influenced with classic 90s fashion where tucking in shirts, stylish belts, and simple shoes were a thing. The only difference is that instead of the 90s classic flashy cargo pants, high waist jeans are usually paired up with this style.

Source: Pinterest

If you think common shirts may be too warm though, then you definitely can’t go wrong with sleeveless ones. Go with whatever you think feels comfortable to you. After all, that’s what minimalism is all about.

Source: Fasbest

Summer minimalist fashion surely doesn’t have to be all about pants though. You could mix and match shorts and skirts. Here’s a capsule wardrobe to guide you through:

Source: Pinterest

Casual Look.

It’s the 80s for this one as you see various casual minimalists wearing cardigans or loose polos giving out that nice airy feeling.

Source: Not Dressed As A Lamb

Anyone could see that this style resembles Meg Ryan’s style back in the 80s. Yeah, that’s right. She basically made this edgy look famous.

Here’s a casual minimalist capsule wardrobe:

Source: The Blissful Mind

Oppa Korean Style.

One whole country embracing the minimalist culture is Korea. They’re seriously all about aesthetic pastel and minimalist looks. They find anything comfortable and a little less than grandeur good for the eyes. If you aren’t a fan yet of Korean fashion, we’re telling you that you should, because these styles are seriously everything you might have had wished for.

Source: Be Asia – Be Magazine

These minimalist styles are basically the ulzzang fashion. Check out more of its details in an article written by one of our writers before by clicking here.

Here’s a lookbook too to help you get going:

Source: Pinterest

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