All You Need To Know About PRETTYMUCH & Their Music Video With Iñigo Pascual

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Boybands, boybands, boybands. Ah, I don’t think there will ever be a time that we can ever get over them. They just make us swoon with their eyes, luxurious hair, singing, and solid dance moves. They’re like a trap we can never get out of as we all get snared in their charm and honestly, we’re nothing short of willing victims.

What’s cool is that there are always never a few boybands to fangirl over as it seems like everyday, a new band comes out. Other times, it’s a band that’s always been there, but you’ve just found due to their underrated music and fame in the industry.

One of these boybands seem to be PRETTYMUCH who have been formed in 2016 by none other than Simon Cowell who had also formed other boybands, including One Direction.

Source: Billboard

PRETTYMUCH is based in Los Angeles, California and since they were formed, they have had eighteen singles released. One of those singles is Love which features our very own local singer, Iñigo Pascual.

The music video even proudly presents a bunch of Filipino food which the group had seemed to like.

The band is composed of five members and here’s everything you need to know about this wonderful bunch of talented musicians.

Brandon Arreaga

Source: Super Stars Bio

Born on December 14, 1999, this star from Texas with Mexican descent was the last to join the group. This was mostly because his parents had thought the scouting for a new boyband he wanted to be involved in was ultimately fake news. Much to their surprise, it definitely was not.

Standing at 5″7, show business has seemed to always be a thing for Brandon as he had been acting and modeling at the age of eleven. This would pretty much make him a child star.

Now, is he single? Well to those who are having the biggest crush on him and hoping to be his girlfriend one day, unfortunately, the star is currently in a relationship with Maggie Lindemann, another singer who has become famous for her single, Pretty Girl.

Source: PopSugar

Edwin Honoret

Source: Facebook

Standing tall at 5″8, Edwin is a local of New York and middle child of four children.

He has been singing a lot ever since he could remember and has in fact posted a bunch of covers on YouTube. This has led the now twenty year old to be discovered and called on to audition by Simon Cowell.

Edwin is of mixed ethnicity which is primarily that of Dominican Republic, making him a Latino by blood just like Brandon.

Nick Mara

Source: Celebs Close Up

Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, the bad-boy member of the group (as how he’d like to identify himself), Nick Mara, has been dancing since the young age of nine for the ICONic Boyz group which was featured on international television.

Other than dancing and singing, Nick has also been acting and has in fact a few Disney Channel shows such as Shake It Up.


Austin Porter

Source: Celebs Blurb

Born on the 14th of August on 1997 at North Carolina, Austin is the oldest of all the members and is the only who had established a solo career with a debut album called One Love before joining the band. He was even able to do a world tour in 2015.

Source: Amazon

As a few fun facts, Austin who stands at 5″8 and is an avid fan of Japanese culture and anime loves Vans and is the funny man of the group.

Regarding his love life, Austin is currently dating a girl named Ansley Mitchell.


Zion Kuwonu

Source: Pinterest

Unlike the rest of his groupmates, Zion is Canadian — something that pretty much already makes him stand out in the group.

His music career started through Vine videos he made which he did in order to simply gain popularity at his school at the time.

Standing at 6″3, Zion is the tallest of the group.


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