Ally Brooke Heats Up The Miss Universe Stage

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The Miss Universe pageant has just started and right at the beginning, former Fifth Harmony group member, Ally Brooke, has heated up the stage with her dancing and singing skills.

The sweet singer shared her talents with the Miss Universe candidates who were right behind her, modeling and dancing a little as well.

Ally Brooke sang a song of women empowerment which may be quite different to performances before as performers who were usually male mostly sang how sweet and feminine women were. Ally Brooke’s performance quite showed something different as the song gave out a message of how women can make a legacy of themselves.

With such a heated performance, you just seriously need to know stuff about the famous singer, Ally Brooke. Here are the top five facts to know about the empowered figure.

#1. Ally Brooke’s real surname is Hernandez-Castillo.

The international popstar is actually a Latina with Mexican roots. As much as she is a Latina though, the star speaks only little Spanish and only because she had Spanish classes at school. She has never actually learned it from her parents and it has never really been spoken in the household all because her parents did not want her to be discriminated for speaking it.

Even so, Ally is so proud of her heritage and has actually been well versed with the Latin community growing up.

#2. She is the oldest and shortest of all her Fifth Harmony members.

As much as she is the oldest, Ally is the shortest of the groul which has resulted in being teased in a friendly way by her other members.

#3. Ally loves the 80s.

Honestly girl, I don’t think there is a living soul who doesn’t love that era — even I love it.

#4. Ally has looked up to Latina performers such as Jennifer Lopez.

As a kid, Ally has looked up to Latina women in the show business and has always longed to be like them. Now that she is, Ally is taking up the responsibility to influence the little Latina girls out there who want to be in the show business world.

#5. Ally’s favorite Bible verse is Matthew 5:16.

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Nothing like a good Bible verse to inspire people.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”


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