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“Am I In Love?” Is The New Trick Question of The Century and We’re Going To Help You Solve It

“Am I In Love?” Is The New Trick Question of The Century and We’re Going To Help You Solve It

Recognizing your first love or well, just about any sort of love is a beautiful event that happens with such great momentum. It’s like the world has just stopped and everything around you has just become more beautiful. Perhaps even yourself! And yes, it’s a great situation that cannot be compared to anything else. Like anything amazing though, this moment has to be preceded with some sort of a catch. You’re going to have to figure out if you’re even truly in love first before knowing it. If this is your first time or are just completely troubled since you haven’t fallen in love with someone in what seemed like ages maybe then fear not! For this moment, we’ll be your charming cupids in disguise.

Now on with the signs! (cue in the “The Sign” song)

Sign #1. You’re Getting Into New Things And Yes, It Involves Him (And Perhaps Even Some Stalking).

You want to get closer to him. How? You try to seek out the things he likes. Why? Because you’re in love.

This is probably one of the kick-starters or first steps of your evolving love that’s growing so gradually, you don’t even know it exists. You can’t even tell!

Now if you’re not agreeing to this, then girl you have to think twice, because if you just want to get close to him, you won’t juat go and find out every single little detail about him. Really!

Sign #2. You Catch A Disease. Don’t Worry, It’s Not Serious At All. And It Sounds Rather Joyful.

We like to call this so-called disease, the “Smiley-itis”. There is only one symptom to this disease and we think that the name we’ve coined it has basically given it away. It’s when you constantly find yourself smiling at the sight of him, at the thought of him, or we guess anything that consists of him.

If you do this, then girl we’re sending lots of heart emojis your way, because you’re definitely in love.

Sign #3. You Feel Like You Could Get Sick (And Yes, This Time We’re Serious).

That heart racing feeling and knees getting weak all of a sudden thing sure may seem like it just happens in the movies, but our dear friends, it’s way more than that.

That “lovesick” feeling is actually real and proven by science! So if you ever feel it, you don’t really have to go to a doctor. Well, unless it’s a love doctor, that is.

Sign #4. You’ll Go All John Smith From Pocahontas.

By this we don’t mean you’ll become an explorer who’ll randomly break out in song, but you’ll feel exactly what John Smith felt in Pocahontas and may end up saying, “I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.”

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It’s a cute quote that we don’t necessarily mean you’ll feel literally. Look at us, OK? You’re not going to die or anything.

We’re just trying to say that you feel better with spending a few moments with him than spending a whole day without him.

Sign #5. In The Name of Science, Love Is A Low-Key Stare-Fest.

Do you know how he bites his pencil in class? Know how he randomly scuffles his hair at work? If you do, you stare at them from time to time, don’t you? Admit it! Because hey, it’s completely normal. In the name of science, it’s certainly been proven. Staring at them is a constant in the love formula so if you ever find your eyes trailing on him, then girl you are most definitely in love.

And those are the signs! We sure hope that you see the signs soon so you’ll be able to figure out if you’re in love or not.

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