Angel Locsin Clears Out The Idea of Ex-Deals And Sponsorship With Fans

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Celebrities are such huge personalities who everyone thinks gets everything they want through simple transactions of deals and sponsorships. Apparently; however, the norm is not the reality and Angel Locsin clears out that entire fact.

Recently, a netizen made a comment regarding Angel Locsin’s absence during one of the most glamorous events in the Philippines held by one of the biggest television networks — none other than ABS-CBN and the ball it hosts every single year, featuring their own celebrities in their most elegant outfits that match the theme of the ball.

While one fan saluted and admired Angel Locsin making a donation to the Bantay Bata foundation instead of spending on a gown to attend the ball, the netizen commented how it was unnecessary as it was not like Angel was actually going to spend anything on the ball as she claimed with an event like that, everything was sponsored, inclusive of dress, hair, and make-up.

With this, Angel broke the norm that society has apparently built over celebrities. The legendary celebrity admitted that their gowns were not sponsored and were in fact actually bought by them, themselves. She mentioned that ex-deals which was a trade or exchange (in this case, the celebrity would get to wear the gown in exchange for exposure of the designer) did happen, but only sometimes. Most of the time, the money is on them.

When the netizen still did not cease to doubt, emphasizing how that was even possible, especially with Angel Locsin being a big star, Angel explained that with an event like the ABS-CBN ball, there would be too many celebrities to dress and so that it would be fair for the teams that do such a great job, they of course, give the payment they deserve.

The twitter thread eventually ended with another fan commenting her admiration still for Angel to donate to charity instead of attending the ball.


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