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Anne Curtis and Park Bo Gum’s Twitter Interaction Won The Internet

Anne Curtis and Park Bo Gum’s Twitter Interaction Won The Internet

The one and only Dyosa, It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis, has become a top Twitter trend last Monday after exchanging tweets with Korean actor Park Bo Gum and we obviously stan for this! The Filipino actress and host attend a concert in Korea whilst enjoying her last day in Seoul. She took a photo of a standee of Park Bo Gum and posted it on twitter, saying “Look who I bumped into in Seoul! Annyeong @BOGUMMY,” tagging Park Bo Gum.

And the Korean actor replied to Anne Curtis a day later. Park Bo Gum tweeted, “Sorry for my late response! When did you come to Korea? Having a good time here? I’m shooting a movie these days. Though the weather’s too hot, I hope you can fully enjoy the time while staying in Korea! Thank you for saying hi to me:),” and we cannot deny that Anne Curtis is the luckiest girl ever!

Anne Curtis is a huge fan of Park Bo Gum, a certified #BOGUMMY! Given this, she also hosted the Good Day fan meeting last month. And it is not the first time that the two exchanged tweets! Anne Curtis has truly proved that she is the luckiest girl to ever live!

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Fans also give their two cents about this cute and sweet interaction, one of them tweeted, “Anne Curtis says Hi to Bogum and he responded with..An apology for responding late. ..Asked when Anne arrived in Korea and if she’s enjoying… Update on what he’s been up to. …Hoping Anne enjoys her stay in Korea. …A thank you for saying ‘Hi’ to him. I mean, beat that!” Others are asking Anne Curtis, “How to be you po?” Yes Ms. Anne, how to be you in all ways!

What are your thoughts on this cute interaction? We would like to hear from you!

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