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Anne Curtis Flexes Her Picture With Gong Yoo While Lowkey Making ‘Lambing’ To Her Husband, Erwan

Anne Curtis Flexes Her Picture With Gong Yoo While Lowkey Making ‘Lambing’ To Her Husband, Erwan

Boy did Anne Curtis make the rounds on the internet when she had finally met the Korean superstar she had been fangirling over since 2016. Fans couldn’t help but feel incredibly happy at the fact that the Filipino-Australian celeb had finally got her Korean dream to come true just recently as she took a picture together with Gong Yoo in an event in Korea.


Guess Anne doesn’t need the fan edits anymore to wonder what a picture with the famous Gong Yoo would actually look like (but to be fair, they’re super pretty and look super legit otherwise).

Source: Philippine Entertainment Portal

And of course, like any other fangirl, Anne took the time to post a picture of her and Gong Yoo on her Instagram account with the caption, “Home SWEET Home.
Thank you again @louisvuitton 💋 2 pics in this frame making me feel like a lucky girl 😘 The one up top makes me more kilig though. Uuuuuy ohhhhh @erwan 🥰,” hinting the second picture to be a wedding picture of her and her husband, Erwan Heussaff that can be seen at the top left portion of the picture, lowkey made “lambing” to her husband whilst she fangirled.

Even host and actor Luis Manzano took notice of Anne Curtis’ lowkey lambing to Erwan as he commented, “Nanglalambing!!!!”

Source: Instagram

We sure don’t know exactly what Erwan has to say about it, but we bet he’s laughing his socks off just as how we are. After all, this isn’t the first time Erwan dealt with Anne’s fangirling moments and what’s cute is that he has nothing else but love and support to show towards Anne’s little love (or maybe really huge) for the Korean show business.

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