Apparently Charlie Puth Knew About The ‘Friends’ Reunion Before Any of Us And Now We’re Just Sittin’ Here Like, “Oh No, He Didn’t.”

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Singer song-writer Charlie Puth has been a major fan of the Friends series for what seems like forever so it was both understandable and surprising when he broadcasted to the whole world that he knew about the Friends reunion before anyone else did. But how did he get the juicy details on the subject at hand? Well, simple.

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Charlie Puth who is friends with Friends cast members Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox has been told about the little reunion happening on HBO for some time now. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, he’s glad to finally be able to go nuts about it to the general public. We could just imagine how difficult it must have been to keep it for so long, but we can also actually imagine how Charlie Puth could have laughed a little as he witnessed the whole world’s cluelessness regarding the show business miracle. Not cool Charlie, but hey. We still love you otherwise.

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We’ll love you even more though if you go through with offering your skills and talents to the sitcom’s special. It deserves to have some Charlie Puth magic — not that Friends wouldn’t be grand on its own, but hey. We’re just sayin’. There’s honestly nothing wrong with a little bit — or a lot — of Charlie Puth (we’re certainly going for a lot).

Perhaps he could have his own rendition to the theme song? Yes, that would be LIT. Charlie seems most excited though with possibly playing Chandler’s long lost son, because of his uncanny resemblance to actor Matthew Perry who played the character back in the good ol’ days.

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That would certainly be one heck of a dream come true to have Charlie as a cast member other than the theme song singer. We hope Warner Bros. decides to hire him for the show. Imagine all that dedication he’s put. It’d be all 100% on point.


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