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Are You Team Kenzo or Team Adrian?

Are You Team Kenzo or Team Adrian?

We’re not gonna lie. “Gangnam Beauty” has gotten us crazy the moment it was released and now that we get a Filipino dubbed version of it showing on ABS-CBN, we couldn’t be more happy — especially when Kenzo and Adrian’s epic lowkey battle with Mika as the prize is being aired in our native language. The series just can’t get any cuter! And it seems that netizens all over the country are going crazy over it.

Many have been taking pictures of their television and tweeting those super cute moments, because hey, everything is essential. Even Kenzo eating up this bowl of noodles is essential (when is it not anyway?).

Not only has the epic battle between the two main guy characters has been trending though, as we also get those heartwarming Kenzo-mother moments which we might have to say, is totally reeling us into Team Kenzo (not gonna lie right there).

And as we dive into every “kilig” moment that the whole cast of “Gangnam Beauty” has got us feeling, including the Filipino dubbers who make us feel like Kenzo, Mika, and Adrian live amongst us, we would like to congratulate the network featuring it at the high ratings they have gotten over the month since it’s been released.

More power to “Gangnam Beauty”! New face, new face!

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