Ariana Grande Gets A Special Gift For Thanksgiving: Her Parents

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Families come in different shapes and sizes and truly, no family could really be considered perfect. Celebrities are definitely not an exception for this. This includes the sweet and soft-spoken pop star Ariana Grande.

The Italian-American singer, originally born as Ariana Grande-Butera is the daughter of a CEO for a manufacturing company in Brooklyn and a graphics design firm owner. Her parents separated when she was nine.

The superstar has been open about her family life and the struggles that had come with it. In fact, Ariana has admitted a lot of times that she and her father were becoming estranged towards each other and for a long time, she did not have the fondness for him.

She has eventually accepted the fact though that he was still her father and that half of him was within her. She even stated, “I had to accept that it’s okay not to get along with somebody and still love them.” It’s truly such a wise realization for someone who was twenty at the time.

With this, she has become closer to her father more and has even mentioned him in her song, Thank U Next.

And after about two decades, she has finally gotten the chance to celebrate the Thanksgiving season with both her parents present at the same time and place.

Ariana Grande has shown her appreciation and gratefulness to have both of her parents with her on the special season. She couldn’t be more thankful as she posted a picture of them on Instagram with some cool face paint on her.

It really does warm our heart to see a family reunite in such a special way like this.

As we rejoice for this wonderful reunion, here a couple of facts about Ariana’s wonderful family.

Ariana Grande’s mother moved to Florida from New York when she was pregnant with her and had eventually given birth to her there.

After her parents’ divorce, Ariana has been left with her mother and has been incredibly close to her ever since. In fact, the star even credits her mother for making her the famous and talented singer she is today as it was her mother that convinced and motivated her to go on with her dream in the music scene. This has led her mother to support her with many Broadway plays.

Ariana has a half-brother from her mother who is also an entertainer in the Broadway and YouTube scene. He’ also openly gay and an avid supporter of the LGBT community.


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