Baby Bolz Coming Right Up! Solenn Heussaff And Husband Nico Bolzico Is Having A Baby!

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It’s a party for three everyone! Our favorite couple, Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico is expecting their first baby, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Way back in May 2016, Solenn who is known for being a painter, TV host, VJ, makeup artist, and of course, a versatile artist of GMA ( just name it and she can do it!) got married to Nico Bolzico a businessman who is known for his hilarious and lengthy Instagram captions for being the president and one of the founders of the #BulliedHusbandClub (a union of husbands “willingly” giving their entire life just to make their wives happy). If you are rooting for them, Nico will always brighten up your day through his entertaining way of sharing his life with Solenn and their pets: Patato (the ever famous turtle), Negroni (cat), and Pochola (dog). We all know how good Solenn and Nico are as pet parents as they share it on their Instagram stories which brighten up our days.

Solenn posted a photo of her and her husband Nico. The photo had her wearing a glittery jumpsuit and Nico throwing up in the toilet. The caption stated, “@nicobolzico we’re in this together” and what made us jump into excitement is the #BabyBolz we’ve been waiting for!

And of course, Nico did the same, posting a photo of him wearing the glittery jumpsuit of his wife who is now by the toilet with a caption, “Yes @solenn, we are in this together bebu! #BabyBolz” Oh the “Bebu” endearment with the touch of their being hilarious to each other. Both pictures were captured by the known Cinematographer, J.A. Tadena.

The closest friends, family, and the fans are sending their love and joy about the announcement. Congratulations to the SosBolz!


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