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Back To School: Easy Hairstyles To Wear To Nail The Day

Back To School: Easy Hairstyles To Wear To Nail The Day

For high school students and students of levels below that, school has been in for a month now and classes could be as they usually were: boring and dull or colorful and delightful if you’re a school enthusiast! For college students on the other hand, some have begun school a month ago while others will start school a month from now. You could either be very excited or be the type to wish yourself invisible once the school year comes, because you ain’t ready for that type of crap. Well, girl, we’re telling you to be a woman, because you cannot miss school, especially not with these hairstyles! Make your school day colorful or even more delightful with them!

Hairstyle #1. Side Braids.

Side braids sure are common, but they never fail to help make you stand out and that’s a fact. They are perfect when you want to nail that beautiful but subtle look. It makes one look innocent, quiet, and cute. It’s going to suit you for sure especially when you’re the bookish type of person or maybe just that quiet student in the classroom. Well, whatever personality it is you want to show people with your side braids, it sure is guaranteed that these braids will pass in your book of great hairstyles.

Hairstyle #2. The Crossover. (Refer to the first picture of Ariana Grande)

No, this isn’t some kind of fan-made crossover movie filled with iconic characters. It’s actually a hairstyle and one that is simple yet eye-catching at that. This hairstyle is called the cross-over, because you’ll literally take two sections of your hair and cross them over at the back of your head.

This can also make your hair look thinner if you’re not into so much volume and thickness.

Hairstyle #3. Silk Wraps!

Silk headbands or what we like to dub as silk wraps (makes hairstyling sound more scrumptious for some reason) is sure to give you the outdoorsy vibe if you’re that sporty kid in class. It can also give you just that adventurous kick or maybe get you to he labelled as an outgoing and unpredictable person.

This is also probably the easiest hairstyle since all you need to do is brush back your hair then put that silk wrap on so you could be good to go.

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Hairstyle #4. That Ala Anna of Arendelle Look.

Want to feel like a princess? Better yet a Disney princess? Well, why not be Anna of Arendelle, the funny and clumsy sister of Queen Elsa in the iconic Disney movie, Frozen?

To nail her look, all you need to do is learn to braid the double french braids so you could finally break in song. For The First Time In Forever perhaps? Or maybe, you’d even want to build a snowman!

Whatever type of look you want to fit your personality, we’ve certainly have got you covered! From quiet to even the princess type, there sure is no way that your school days won’t be any fun. So cheer up and try out these fun and simple hairstyles to brighten up your day! Who knows? You might even begin to like school!

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