BananaLemon Is One Of The Asian Pop Groups You Just HAVE To Check Out

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BananaLemon is a Japanese girl pop group who aren’t just Asians. They’re Slaysians!

The group is composed of four members. Three of which are of mixed blood and all their looks are absolutely gorgeous.

Source: Kprofiles

These wild girls have been taking music tours all around the world and have been pretty widely successful even with having only debuted last February 2018. Their fan base is getting pretty big too with their fandom being called, Smoothies.

Yes, BananaLemon is the newest up and coming Asian girl group that may soon 100% dominate the world stage as they continue with what they’re doing. Conquering the music industry is just something that they were born to do. Almost everybody is in on them and we think you should too. Before stanning though, here are a few things you just have to know about their members.



Nadia is half Japanese and half Filipino with Chinese and Spanish descent. Yep, that’s right! She’s one of our very own and she’s proud of her being Filipino as she clearly notes it down on her Instagram profile: @nadia_bnnlmn. Being mixed, Nadia is fluent in three languages: English, Japanese, and Filipino.

Born on the tenth of November, the young singer is the leader and main vocalist of BananaLemon.

During performances, she often enjoys doing ad-libs.

When she isn’t on the stage, she enjoys composing music, playing tennis, playing the piano, strumming the guitar, losing herself in video production, and even DJing.


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Mizuki is the only pure Japanese girl in the group.

She began dancing hip hop ever since she was nine, making her a really good dancer.

She likes to call herself a fashion otaku, especially taking a fancy for sneakers.

Being such a fan of the fashion world, Mizuki likes designing and sewing dresses. She also likes to keep up with the latest fashion trends and so when she isn’t singing or dancing on stage, she likes to go shopping or to the salon.



Brought into the world on June 21, Saarah was born to an African-American father and a Japanese mother. Her sister is Ariana Miyamoto who represented Japan for Miss Universe last 2015.

Saarah’s father is a musician, making her father and other African-American musicians her inspiration to become a singer. Her main inspiration though is Beyoncé.

She grew up in Los Angeles and is fluent in both English and Japanese.

When she has her days off from performing, Saarah enjoys collecting cosmetics and jet skiing.


Source: Deskgram

Half Japanese and half Brazilian Lety was the last to join the group, replacing original member R!no this year.

Though having newly joined BananaLemon, Lety isn’t a foreigner to the music industry as she was formerly a member of another Japanese girl group named Def Will which was formed last 2015.

As much as she has had her years in the Japanese music industry though, Lety was born and raised in Brazil.

She is also fluent in English, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese.


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