Be Fancy and Comfortable at the Same Time with These Dress and Sneaker Outfits

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As girls we get so caught up on elegance and fanciness that we completely lose sight of what’s actually important: feeling comfortable. It’s ridiculous to forget something like that (we know) when we can totally feel it, but hey, to others who are reading this and just don’t understand, there are times girls feel that there is a necessity to look good and that can weigh heavier than comfort at most times. If you’re that type of girl then that’s completely OK. We’re not undermining you or anything. You do you. But, if you’re the type of girl who is just done with fanciness and wants a perfect balance of elegance and comfort then this post is just perfect for you.

Now where to start? Yeah, that’s everyone’s question when going with a foreign fashion style so if your mind is just blank and you have absolutely no clue where to begin, don’t worry. You’re in the same page as everybody else. That’s why we’re here to guide you.

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Oh yeah and that pretty much leads us to step one.

Step One. Just Chill (Like Seriously, Take a Chill Pill).

Trying to match fancy clothes with sneakers seems like a risky thing to do. Yeah, that’s most probably played in your minds over and over again for like a billion times. Well, here’s the good news: sneakers have the power to make a fashion statement with absolutely anything and from our opinions, it’s always usually plain white or black. Since sneakers are just this amazing (like seriously, it’s a miracle anyone made them), this step-by-step process shouldn’t be anything close to difficult or long so yeah, you won’t have to worry about reading this for like ages.

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(So yes you can finally take a deep breath and just relax).

Step Two. Bail (Kidding). If You Really Don’t Know Which Dress To Pick, Here Are A Few Ideas.

Like we said previously, match any dress with plain black or white sneakers (it’s usually always the white ones) then you’re good to go, but if you’re just not the type of person to go all plain and actually want some spice on your shoes by owning sneakers with designs on them then here are the get-go dresses that will seriously save your life.

Outfit #1. Playin’ With The Colors.

Bright colors always do the trick. If you want to be an eye-catcher in the world of fashion, then it is extremely essential that you know that trick. Pair colors that blend with each other then you can go with plaid, striped, or even polka-dotted sneakers. Remember though that doing this doesn’t automatically get your sneakers to match with the outfit, which is if you’re going for bright colored sneakers too. Now this might sound like a hassle since this outfit doesn’t guarantee anything, but hey. That’s what the fashion color palette is for. Just take a look at it and see if this color works with the other then you’re good to go. (And yes, internet has just made fashion knowledge extremely accessible.)

Outfit #2. Go All White With The Clothes.

If you’ve picked up anything from us saying that mostly white sneakers work on any type of dress, then it would most probably be: white goes with anything. So yes, this is like the safest outfit color to go with if you don’t want to spend your time making sure the colors go together with each other and still want to wear colored sneakers.

Outfit #3. Follow A Color Code With Your Clothes And Sneakers.

Still not feeling that safe with the other two outfits? Like you could follow everything we told you but still feel not that cool? Well here’s another safe outfit choice. Just choose an outfit that has the same color as your sneakers. If your sneakers are navy blue then wear something that’s navy blue. If your sneakers are green then wear something green. Yes, it’s just as easy as that — kind of like counting 1, 2, 3.

Step Three. Be Confident (Yes, This Is A Thing).

Even though this may seem like a step that could just be skipped, it’s really not. Being confident is very important when it comes to the art of slaying your outfits. You could wear something really nice, but not have that confidence, making you looking really bland and you could wear something really bland, but have confidence, making you look really nice.

Yes, that’s right. As people knowing a thing or two about the fashion industry, it has been a general rule to always feel confident in what you wear. So yes, always remember: confidence is everything.

With all that said, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite sneakers, match a fancy outfit with it, and enjoy the rest of your day!


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