Beauty Beginners: 7 Tips for Newbies in Make-Up

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Are you one of many girls who`s very fond of make up but afraid to try? Is it because you`re a beginner? Don`t worry we`ve been all there young girl! It is now the time to try and explore the world of makeup on your own using these 7 simple tips and steps to achieve the look you wanted.

Step 1. Always start with a clean face. Use a facial wash or a face cleanser to remove impurities and dirt because we all want to start on a blank slate canvass and don`t forget to moisturize your skin. There are lots of moisturizer for all types of skin.

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Step 2. Use a primer and foundation. One good tip in using a primer is it will serve as a base for foundation will allow the make up to stay longer on your face, also it covers up pores and blemishes of the skin. Choose the best foundation for your skin type, if your skin is oily choose an oil-free foundation or Matte and for dry skin choose a dewy type of foundation for other skin type you can choose a foundation that can give you full coverage. For the skin tone make sure to choose the best shade that will suite the color of your skin, we don`t want a cakey face right?

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Step 3. Apply concealer and powder. Another pro tip, make sure to choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than the foundation you are using because one usage of concealer is to highlighter the areas you want and of course to hide those blemishes. Blend properly the concealer on your face, do not diffuse the product. And apply a setting powder or any press powder based on your of course skin shade.

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Step 4. Do the eyebrows. Most of the make up routine focuses on how to get the perfect eyebrows, as they say Kilay on fleek! Here`s the tip to get that Kilay on fleek, draw a line below first and above your eyebrows following the shape and proceed with the blending using your eyebrow brush. Blending should be done downward and upward. And just in case you have a thin eyebrows don`t worry there are lots of make up products that will let you draw hair like strands and will blend to the eyebrow that you have.

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Step 5. Time to paint those eyes. Use a primer eyeshadow, though it is optional, but again using primer will set the make up on eyes. Use an eyeshadow that will bring clarity in your eyes, mostly women are choosing eyeshadow based on the event, the day or the mood they are into. Apply the eyeshadow from the outer V of your eye, which is the transition shade, blend it along the crease line to produce a blended shade. You can use your fingertips or an eyeshadow brush to put other shade of eyeshadow that you want to explore with, don`t forget bronze and textured eyeshadow which will give you a metallic or shimmery finish. And top it off with a wing eyeliner, make sure to use brush to remove smudges of the product, and get your favorite mascara to add volume on your lashes.

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Step 6. Let us paint the town red: Contour, Blush and Highlight. Yes, contour is life! Apply contour powder on your temple, the forehead, the cheekbone, nose grid and the jawline face to add dimension. Make sure to properly blend it using a brush or a sponge. And for the blush, apply it just above the contour on your cheeks. And lastly, highlight, apply it your upper cheeks, above the outer V of your eyelids and nose. A pro tip, you can also put the highlight on your lips, or the Cupid`s bow to create a pouting effect.

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Step 7. Let us apply some lippies. You are now ready to complete that look whether it is matte, creamy, powder, shimmer, clay or lip tint you need to choose a shade that will perfectly suite you. Apply first a lipliner which has the same shade of your lipstick to create a fuller effect and apply the lipstick following the shape of your upper and lower lip. And lastly, use a setting spray so that your make up won’t fall off.

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And there it is, 7 simple steps for beauty beginners. Don`t afraid to try and explore to achieve the look you always wanted.



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