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Bela Padilla and Dani Barretto are back as real besties

Bela Padilla and Dani Barretto are back as real besties

Kapamilya actress Bela Padilla and Julia Barretto’s sister, Dani Barretto friendship is doing well than we ever thought. Bela and Dani were spotted unfollowing each other on Instagram that brought up speculations from the netizens that the two besties end up their friendship. Following the rumor, Bela clarifies the “unfollowing” issue between her and Dani, in an exclusive interview with while Bela is on a press conference for her upcoming film Mañanita and will be directed by Paul Soriano which is according to them, Mañanita is the only Filipino movie that is included in the prestigious and main competition section for Tokyo International Film Festival 2019.

On the interview Bela expressed that it was a “big misunderstanding”, according to her they got heavily bashed after the issue, “I feel like it was so unnecessary na it came out as, like, a news article, or it was even talked about. Like in any kind of relationship, we go through things. But Dani and I are okay.” she said on the interview. Bela also mention that Dani and she are already talking, “In fact, we were talking last night so it’s not, like, something bad happened to us. Obviously, kunwari mag-boyfriend or magnanay, magkapatid, meron konting tampuhan minsan. But it’s really nothing,” she added.

Recently, the two besties proved that everything is going fine for both of them, Bela recently visited Dani and Xavi’s first-born Millie and shared a picture of her on her Instagram account with a caption, “Millie ….is what your parents call you. But to me, you’re Milliephant You can count on me to buy you the candy that your mom and dad say you can’t have hahaha it was so nice to meet you, beaut!”

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Xavi Panillo leaves a comment on her daughter’s photo, “A part of me is mad that your nickname for my daughter is better than my nickname for her. But im happy that it was u who thought of such a good one” expressing his adoration to her daughter and wittiness of Bela.

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