Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Metro Manila Worth Every Buck

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Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? Whether gooey or firm, white or dark, crisp or soft, there is a multitude of versions of chocolate chip cookies out there depending on your liking. These goodies originated in the United States in 1938 when a lady named Ruth Graves Wakefield added chopped up bits from a Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate bar into a cookie. Today, chocolate chip cookies remain a classic treat to kids and adults alike. These little drops of heaven are actually taking over the metro as several homemade brands sprout from here and there. To help you decide, we narrowed down the options to what we believe are the best top three cookies in Metro Manila. Read on as we assure you that you may end up saying “Me want cookie!” at the end of this article!

Mood bake (Ground floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City)

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“Cookies are biscuits that believed in miracles”. Taste the mood in every bite of these yummy goodies for P99 per cookie! These huge chunks of goodness are huge enough to create a cookie tower! They are also available in Grab Food or Lala Move in case you aren’t in the mood to pay them a visit in their store. They offer two flavors: choco chip and double choco chip – available per piece, per box of five (P495), and per box of ten (P990).

Baba Bake (California Garden Square, Mandaluyong City)

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“Cookies are proof that life is good”. Baba Bake is the brainchild of Nicole Guillermo – the master in creating sinless cookies since Nicole’s dad was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure last year and had to lower down his sugar intake. Their chocolate chip cookies are guaranteed flourless, gluten-free, and diabetic and ketogenic friendly. To date, they offer four varieties of low carb cookies: Sinless chocolate dream, New classic, Dark white, Sinless Maca Milk, and Sampler Six. Baba Bake doesn’t have a physical store hence orders are all online. Simply visit their Instagram page, fill up the order form, wait for a confirmation e-mail, and voila! The cookies will be delivered right where you are!

Ben’s Cookies (Ground floor, The Podium, Mandaluyong City)

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Since 1983, Ben’s Cookies have been creating the most amazing chocolate chip cookies in the other side of the world. This brand is originally from England and just recently landed in Manila. It all started when Helge Rubinstein made cookies for her son Ben. Her recipe turned out to be beyond amazing so she decided to open a stall, which she named after her son at Oxford’s Covered Market. For only P90 a cookie, you can now enjoy a little piece of England’s best cookies even if a thousand miles away as the cookies in Manila are exactly the same as the ones offered in Oxford! The hand-mixed dough is shipped directly from London! Ben’s Cookies offer a wide range of options: 14 flavors to be exact! The best three are “Dark Chocolate Chunk”, Macadamia & White Chocolate”, and “Orange and Milk Chocolate” cookies, all for just P90 per piece.


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