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BH Cosmetics’ Latest Makeup Collection Has Left Us Star Struck — Literally

BH Cosmetics’ Latest Makeup Collection Has Left Us Star Struck — Literally

BH Cosmetics is done making their Zodiac sign themed makeup. Now, they’re in for something bigger and upon its release, we could tell it was the start of something absolutely new. Presenting the new makeup collection from another world: the space-themed makeup of BH Cosmetics. Oh and can we just mention that we were left, oh we don’t know, incredibly speechless and star struck by it? Yes, it’s that good and perfect for any mood, might we add. Actually, it’s best for the “desire to conquer the galaxy” sort of mood and yes, that’s a thing. Well, at least it is now.

The makeup collection was first posted to the public on BH Cosmetic’s official Instagram and includes what seems to be its breakout products: the Stellar Lash Mascara and the Stellar Collision 17 Eyeshadow and Highlight Palette. Yep, with those names, it sure doesn’t sound like they deserve our world yet here they are and yeah, we don’t think we should question their existence. We’re just so frigging happy they are here. Who knows? They could be meant to save our bad makeup days just like Superman as an alien (yeah, this analogy was supposed to point out that saving the day part, but now that we think about it, Superman might look pretty good in this makeup too).

With that much information, we can tell you want this like crazy so what are you waiting for? Just go on and head over to the official website of BH Cosmetics: in order to score the makeup collection that’s just so ahead of our world. The planets’ sudden alignment is telling you to do so.

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