Big Bang Member G-Dragon gave Sandara Park a Super Custom Nike Sneakers

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Sandara Park known as Dara received gifts from BIGBANG member G-Dragon and fans can’t help but to feel thankful and get elated for the thoughtful gesture. The K-pop legend gave Dara not just one but three pairs of the Air Force 1 Para-Noise, his latest collaboration with a shoe brand, Nike.

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Dara shared on Instagram series of photos for the gifts she received from G-Dragon. You will notice the personalized shoebox with Dara’s name on it. Unlike any other pair available in the market, Dara’s name can be seen at the back part of the sneakers with the words , “I Don’t cAIR,” referring to 2NE1’s single “I Don’t Care” can also be seen personally designed for the sole. Fans are claiming that G-Dragon’s gift is not just a “friendly gesture.” G-Dragon and Dara were romantically linked in the past, but the rumors were turned down as the two South Korean idols denied the news. Fans on Twitter were not convinced; however, and claimed that giving Dara a customized Para-Noise is a “girlfriend’s right.”

Meanwhile, the former 2NE1 member uploaded photos of her proudly wearing her new kicks as part of her OOTD.

Dara also attended the launching event of the latest product from Nike and had the chance to take pictures with the person who gave her the 3 personalized design kicks, G-Dragon, and fans couldn’t help but swoon for the two K-pop idols as they reunited after G-Dragon was discharged from the mandatory military service.

The latest collaboration between G-Dragon and Nike expresses his passion for hip-hop since he was a kid. According to him, “Ever since I came across hip-hop as a kid, AF1 has had a meaning greater than just shoes. I couldn’t afford them, so I would always pass the Nike store and admire them with my eyes and heart only. For those who loved hip-hop culture, oversized clothes, hats, and matching-colored AF1s was the uniform.”

The PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1 “Para-Noise” shoe is painted over with a special black coating that eventually wears off, revealing the artwork created by G-Dragon himself. The Air Force 1 Para-Noise is available in the country for P9,895.00.


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