‘Bobaism’: The New Branch of This Milk Tea Haven Has Opened Just For Its Loyal Milk Tea Fans

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Bobaism has just opened its newest branch and we are just absolutely psyched to see that the spreading of the “milk tea religion” is on a roll!

The newest branch is located at the Ayala North Exchange. Literally everyone, including celebrities, are coming down to witness the spectacular miracle of boba Buddha. Their happy faces show how in boba Buddha they trust.

Now, with the hype of this new branch, you all non-boba Buddha followers are probably wondering: what’s so good about this Bobaism shop anyway?

Well, my dear friends, everything is. For a number of reasons, you’ll probably realize the Bobaism milk tea shop isn’t like any other. You might even wonder how the heck you were even able to live a life without the shop’s fantastic and delicious special milk teas or a life without entering the shop itself, because with this bad boy of a shop, you’ll be able to reach infinite peace.

The Bobaism milk tea shop originally came from Taiwan. With the shop reaching Philippine shores, the company has hoped to spread further the milk tea culture and keep it alive. As of now, they’re taking things nice and slow. So far, so good, indeed.

Personally, the best thing I like in this shop is how servers like to keep things fresh. They like to make milk teas from scratch and if a milk tea isn’t taken or drunk within the next four hours, they throw it away. Keeping things fresh and clean is truly a motto they live by here, something not many food or drink retails remember, whether milk tea shop or not.

Another thing good about it is that you don’t have to wait in line for so long anymore. The servers they hire are 101% talented (a friendly reminder: this is an exaggeration, because they’re just so skilled that I have no idea how I could express it accurately) so they mix the flavors and prepare the drink within one minute. How cool is that? You can get your awaited milk tea in most probably less than sixty seconds! Now that’s what you call a real sugar rush.

The shop also promotes people expressing their artistic side as they allow people to draw on the faceless boba Buddha on selected drinks so they may put a face of their own. They can even ask the servers to draw a cartoon version of them on the cup, making it more hilarious, fun, and absolutely delicious.

And the best part about it? There’s free Wi-Fi! And just like their serving speed, it’s super fast! There are even sockets for you to plug your chargers in. The place is perfect for hanging out with friends, fixing your thesis paper, or even for finishing up some office documents. You can also stay for as long as you want as you cherish taking a sip of your chosen milk tea.

It’s fun, awesome, and totally Instagrammable too. Just learn a thing or two with how these celebrities who just visited the new branch took their photos!

So what are you waiting for milk tea lover? Head on to the newest branch of this milk tea haven! You most probably deserve it after a long day of putting out your energy for work, school, or tolerating people you didn’t really want to talk to. It’s now your time to shine so go on and treat yourself to this pleasant shop in town! (Hearts are literally swimming from our eyes right now.)


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