BREAKING – Ben&Ben Named by National Geographic as #PlanetorPlasticAmbassador for Asia

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Our favorite Indie band Ben&Ben played their popular songs “Humming bird” and “Fall” at the restaurant Korma in Singapore for the National Explorers Festival held last November 11 to 15, 2019. The nine piece band joins the fight against plastic and has been named by the National Geographic as #PlanetorPlastic ambassador for Asia. The famous indie group currently holds the title of being the first Filipino band to be recognized as such. Ben&Ben was introduced as “a Filipino band that is quickly becoming the voice of the next generation”. The folk band is collaborating on a campaign to reduce plastic use in Manila through art as they are devoted against single-use plastics even in their own tours and use plastic-free instruments to perform. Their performance was streamed live at the official Facebook page of National Geographic Asia. 

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Before they started their performance, they invited everyone to give a round of applause to all the legends who talked on the same stage they will perform in. Frontman Miguel Benjamin Guico narrated a story about how they got involved in the battle against single use plastics. He said most of their members live near Pasig River, which is slowly deteriorating due to pollution. He described it as having little to no wildlife and realized that it has reached its current state due to to the small things that people do such as throwing their rubbish in the river. Even before being named #PlanetorPlasticAmbassador, they have long before joined the revolution of the “Taga-alog” campaign to revive the beauty of the polluted river in the city. As a band, they decided to do their part to give love to Mother Earth by avoiding single use plastics. In fact, their first album, “Limasawa Street”, is in a flash drive instead of a CD enclosed in a plastic case. The package also includes one lyrics booklet, thirteen exclusive postcards of illustrations, and one free entrance ticket to the album promo tour.

The festival also features talks from wildlife filmmaker and photographer Sandesh Kadur, oceanographer Sylvia A. Earle, and conservation biologist Krithi Karanth.


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