BREAKING – Julia Barretto is Moving to Her Brand New House

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Have you heard about this exciting news? Julia Barretto is moving to her own brand new house! Two days ago she took her excitement to Instagram saying that she just did some shopping for her home and added a little trivia about the house that she bought. According to Julia’s post, her brand new house is just a few steps away from her mom’s. She expressed how much she loves her mom, Marjorie, whom she described as her “bestest friend” and number one source of strength. She also mentioned that she was raised to be independent and courageous but she still chose to buy a house near her mom’s because she thinks she needs her so much in her life. The twenty two year old actress also joked that she would still get to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at Marjorie’s to save her some money whilst living on her own.

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The construction of the multi-storey house began in 2017 comprising of a huge staircase and massive windows made of glass. During her 22nd birthday celebration, Julia shared some of the things that make her happy; and one of them was having her own house built. She also enjoys traveling without a perfectly planned itinerary. In fact, she spent a few weeks in the United States before she turned twenty two to simply unwind and take a short break from her everyday busy schedule.

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In an interview after her birthday, she fondly spoke about her mom who encouraged her to get her own place. She also added how Marjorie guides her and helps her manage the construction while she’s busy with her projects in the world of show business.

Julia Barretto is the daughter of famous celebrities Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla. She finished grade school at Miriam College and graduated high school at St. Paul College in Pasig City.

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