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Bring The Local Fashion Scene In Your Closet With These World-Class Filipino Fashion Brands

Bring The Local Fashion Scene In Your Closet With These World-Class Filipino Fashion Brands

There may be Filipino fashion brands known internationally such as BENCH/ and Penshoppe, but nowadays, they aren’t the only ones known across the world. There are other local fashion brands rising in the international fashion scene now and what’s sort of disturbing is that we, ourselves don’t really know about it so in order to spread awareness in order to support these Filipino fashion brands, we have made a list of brands we hope you could check out and follow on Instagram (we swear, these are so Instagrammable).


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Our ultimate essential — in store now.

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Carla Sison is the owner of this fashion brand who created it after returning to the Philippines from Europe after facing a huge problem: not being able to find anything light to wear that had the perfect style for her during the summer which is why the brand is known for their lightweight and breathable material, ideal for travel when you don’t want to have to succumb to the heat.


This brand sells amazing clothes that are perfect for that Manila street fashion. They’re one of the most established and popular brands all over the world, having gone viral with their outfits. With this, it’s kind of difficult to believe that they were started by a group of flight attendants. But then again, who says flight attendants aren’t fashionable? We’re guessing that that also explains why these clothes seem to be blessings from heaven, considering the creators kind of came from the sky. Ha, see what we did there?


This brand is pretty ethnic with their clothes as the outfits are made of Ilocano handwoven looms or inabel. This was founded by Paloma Urquijo Zobel who took interest in local crafts after having pursued a graduate degree back in London. Now, with this brand she hopes to create a movement where traditional Filipino crafts would finally become known around the whole world by blending the historical culture with the modern one. This is sure something worth supporting in order for our tradition to finally be known across the globe who are currently clueless of our culture’s existence.

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Neon Island.

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We're dreamy for this perfect top 😍🌹

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This colourful brand began in 2013 with the wonderful friendship of best friends Chi Gibbs and Aira Medina. We can be sure to say that their creativity has sure gone far as they blend awe-worthy sudden pops of colour and brilliant mesmerising prints. With these clothes, it’s really impossible to go unseen. Everyone’s just going to have to be stunned by your appearance. Heck, we could imagine it right now and boy do we love it! So check this fashion brand out!

Oh and by the way, do you know what makes it really cool? It’s the fact that the styles and designs are hand-drawn by the best friends, themselves. Now that’s some true fashion dedication.

With these fashion brands having gone out and said, we can say that we’ve done our job. Now, all you need to do is do yours. Feel free to share this to your friends and buy and enjoy the outfits they offer! Be a proud Filipina! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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