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Camila Cabello Can’t Help Falling In Love (With Ehem, Shawn Mendes — Ehem, Ehem)

Camila Cabello Can’t Help Falling In Love (With Ehem, Shawn Mendes — Ehem, Ehem)

Since we can’t deny that the hit song that took the internet by storm made us all fall in love even more with Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, it seems that Camila Cabello, herself, can’t deny the fact that she’s fallen in love.

The star has admitted in one interview how amazing falling in love is. And so we quote, “Falling in love is like an infinite amount of levels and layers and angles. I fell in love and just opened up. Everything was written in present moment.” She hasn’t particularly said anyone’s name, but do we really need one? We can already tell that her statement is just oozing with Shawn Mendes over it. We can seriously see it! It must either be because we’re die hard Shamila fans constantly waiting for our ship to set sail or because we tend to see Shawn and Camila make out in public (a lot). Honestly, if they still deny this, we’re probably just going to scream and throw plates and really, we don’t want to waste any good plates. If you’re just like us, then don’t worry. Camila may not have confirmed it, but she hasn’t denied it either. She’s even mentioned how great it was to work with Shawn for “Señorita” and how he means a lot to her. He. Means. A. Lot. To. Her. Come on, Camila. Are you two really dating or not?

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Well, whether they really or not, we’ll always be there for Shamila whether they choose to be a couple or not. Their choices won’t hinder us from supporting and loving them for being the most amazing human beings they are! Cheers to you two! And cheers to you Camila and your new love (wink wink).

If you haven’t heard “Señorita” by the way, we suggest you do, because it is THE BEST! Click the video below and dance along to the groovy music!

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