Captain America Assembles Avengers One Last Time — Not For A Movie, But For A Vacation?

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We all wept at the end of Avengers: Endgame as the story of the original avengers had slowly come to an end, but right at that moment we thought we’d never see them together again, we thought wrong.


The Avengers are back for more as Captain America plans to assemble them. The only catch is is that it won’t be for a movie, but for a… vacation?

Chris Evans who has been known for playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or otherwise known as the MCU) has expressed his positive opinions and joy over playing a huge part in 21st century pop culture, but has also mentioned how he and the gang deserve this vacation from the ton of movies they’ve worked on for over a decade. He apparently plans to stay in touch with them to organize this grandeur superhero vacation.

Source: The Daily Beast

Just by thinking about it, gosh are we excited. A ton of superheroes from movies made over ten years in one place all just maybe drinking fruit juice, gettin a tan, or surfing over the waves? Count us in! We can’t wait to see thrilling pictures of them!


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