Catriona Gray Flaunts Bare-Faced Photo And Talks About Insecurities And Self-Love

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The reigning Miss Universe, Catriona Gray, is very vocal when it comes to empowering women and most of us are looking up to her as an epitome of confidence and purity. Catriona taught us to be confident in our own way, being very outspoken in conquering and embracing her insecurities as she even stood up to share her thoughts about online bullying and body shaming which are rampant today.

“Body shaming is hurtful and [should] never be tolerated. If anyone reading this too has been [body shamed], I know how it feels. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience that. But [know] that you are more than your appearance. You are a capable, unique, and worthy person. And you are never alone,” The Miss Universe mentioned in her Twitter Q&A last July.

Sure, we may often see Catriona in a full on glamorous look due to her current lifestyle and duties as Miss Universe, but recently she taught us to promote self-love through her latest post on Instagram. It’s far different and we think it’s way more beautiful. Last Thursday, Catriona posted a photo of her without any make up and she wrote, “This is the skin I wake up in every day. I love playing with makeup and being glam, but I’ve also grown to love the skin I wake up in acne scars, moles and all. I too have days where I don’t feel confident, or my insecurities are louder…but that’s okay. Loving yourself as you are is a journey, but it’s a journey worth takin,” tagging her fellow beauty queens, Nicole Cordoves and Sandra Lemonon, as well to do the #AsSheIs challenge which requires one to post an unfiltered photo with a caption showing one’s other side, reminding everyone that each and every one of us is “vulnerable and real”.

Thank you Queen Cat for reminding us about self-acceptance and most of all self-love! You’re such an inspiration!


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