Catriona Gray Unveils the Story Behind the Stunning Piece of Jewelry She Wore on Her Hand

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After the iconic “three stars and a sun” ear cuff Catriona Gray wore at the prestigious Miss Universe pageant last year, she now dons an equally stunning accessory on her hand as she bids goodbye to the Miss Universe crown on the night of the recently held Miss Universe pageant in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cat’s fashion statement was beautifully furnished by the eye-catching piece of jewelry on her right hand embellished with the three stars and a sun – the symbol of the Philippine flag. The jewelry is made of pure gold, diamonds, and pearls. Similar to last year’s ear cuff, the statement that Cat wants to relay to the universe is plain and simple – undying love for the Philippines. Catriona designed the piece herself, which was brought to life by young jewelry maker and crown designer, Manny Halasan. Cat posted a message of thanks to Manny on Instagram which read, “My ode to my beloved Philippines 🇵🇭💫. Throughout my journey I’ve always wanted to carry a piece of my country. After designing my earcuff, it came time for the final piece. Thank you @manny.halasan for making my design into a reality. 🙏 I’m also working on something very special to allow each of you to own one of these iconic pieces that allowed me to carry my pride of my nation, every step of the way…soon. #Magnayon 🇵🇭 Captured by @keepitexclusive”

Manny also posted exclusive photos of the jaw-dropping jewelry piece and wrote, “with 2018 Miss universe herself, MS. @catriona_gray waving proudly the Philippines flag thru his and her Jewel design. To the Miss Universe Philippines we stand by you. And we shall once again create one exciting and memorable experience the Philippines will remember forever! To whoever newly Miss Universe 2019 will be crowned… may you serve as an inspiration to the Universe much as the former Miss Universe winners ever did.”

Catriona’s dress was also a masterpiece proudly made by famous Kapampangan designer Mak Tumang, “Reflection”. The couture evening gown is a depiction of the Philippine eagle’s mirror image as it flies over the turquoise blue seas of the Philippines. The talented designer posted a photo of the dress as Catriona debuts it on the pageant night, “The creation’s inspiration stems from the vision of the Philippine Eagle flying over the flawless turquoise seas embracing our archipelago. Despite its mighty ability to soar up high far beyond the clouds, it could still manage to look down until the point of reflecting itself on the shiny waters. This display of both might & humility is the call each of us heeds.
As a nation, we are to have a steadfast spirit yet we also take a moment to journey within ourselves. By doing so, we could be able to mirror the beauty that is within us, to mirror what is true and just and to mirror the light which illuminates our path. Silay; to mirror, Pagbubulay; to introspect – the Filipino nation’s moment of reflection!”


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