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‘Cause the players gonna play and the haters gonna hate but #DrunkTaylor is shaking it off!

‘Cause the players gonna play and the haters gonna hate but #DrunkTaylor is shaking it off!

Taylor Swift sparks the internet and graces the fans and social media users with her video of dancing and being drunk. Yes, tipsy or drunk Taylor is living her best life! The Grammy award winning singer Taylor Swift has been throwing up a party “Me” and “ You Need To Calm Down” for and the people in her music video last Sunday, August 11, and also to celebrate 10 VMA nominations at Beauty & Essex. Taylor took a photo and posted it on Twitter and Instagram about the party, “Threw a party to celebrate with the people who made the ‘ME!’ & ‘YNTCD’ videos with me- and we had so much fun that ‘Drunk Taylor’ is trending on Twitter. CHEERS,” she captioned showing her group photos.

The bash was held in Los Angeles with Taylor’s friends Laverne Cox, Hayley Kiyoko, her besties from the band HAIM, and A’keria Davenport who filmed the “Drunk Taylor” and posted it on Instagram. And if you haven’t seen the cutest “Drunk Taylor”, here`s the viral video. Brace yourself because it is the best thing that you will see today!

Taylor became drunk afterwards like everybody does on a party and “Drunk Taylor” is the cutest and the best thing we’ve ever seen! We bet you’ll agree with us that “Taylor is our spirit animal” when we get tipsy or drunk. Well, she’s just being “Me” as she was seen singing on her latest hit song “You need to calm down” and was pretending to take a shot while lip-syncing to her own music “But you’re takin’ shots at me like it’s Patrón” as she messed up her hair and threw herself into dancing while sitting on the couch. We can tell that she is enjoying the night with her friends!

The #DrunkTaylor became viral on the internet and a new plethora of memes are born! Here are some of the “best” memes.

Shake it off Taytay!

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