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Celebrate #NoFilter

Celebrate #NoFilter

As a beauty blog, we promote makeup and the latest fashion trends and tips. We want to make you feel and show the best of you. But you know, if you aren’t into those swishes of lipstick and eyeliner, you don’t have to wear makeup. Give yourself some time to chill, relax, and look your best self by being yourself.

Who cares if people judge you for not having a flat stomach? There is no such thing as an incredibly flat stomach. Forget about them.

Who says you look ugly just because of your acne? Honey, God made everyone beautiful with or without acne.

Who says you shouldn’t wear crop tops because of your stretch marks? Stretch marks are beautiful. You’ve been through a lot in your life. That represents all the crap you had to go through.

Who says only few outfits suit you? You should wear whatever you want whenever you want.

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You’re a woman and you don’t have to be locked behind the barriers of what majority of society thinks is beautiful. You aren’t an object. You’re not a design meant to be displayed. You’re an empowered human being with likes, dislikes, pet peeves, and your own opinions. Why spend time looking good for them when you can be beautiful for yourself by being yourself?

Celebrate #NoFilter and raise that right finger to people who always give a damn, because you don’t and it’s time you be proud of it.

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