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Celebrities Opening Up About Their Depression — Yes, They’re Human Too

Celebrities Opening Up About Their Depression — Yes, They’re Human Too

Depression is such a very common thing nowadays that just goes and about to attack anyone of any age, status, and look. Even if you look incredibly strong, depression may still kill you inside. No one is safe. That goes to our celebrities too who though may be super famous and known, are no exception to the poisonous limelight depression may put on them. In fact, in the world of show business, it seems to be quite common for them as it’s the number one seen reason behind the countless of deaths in the entertainment industry. It’s saddening, yes, that there are people who are willing to actually take their lives for reasons we may not understand — perhaps to start over again in another life? But despite that, we’re grateful for those who have gone past the state of depression and are still walking with us on this very Earth today to go on with their lives and inspire us all. Wondering who we may be talking about? Well here are just a few of the celebrities who have opened up about their depression before.


The singer who has been referred to as “queen” many times and now one of the numerous talented stars to watch out for in the upcoming live action of The Lion King has also suffered from depression which is one she recalls that occurred way back from 2006 when Destiny’s Child faced a break up. She wasn’t herself during the time and remembers how her mother had always told her that she really needed to take care of her mental health.

Lili Reinhart

The Riverdale star admitted that she was going through depression before she starred in the hit show and that Riverdale acted as a complete life saver in her life.

She called out to everyone that it was important to know that depression doesn’t just happen because there are bad things in one’s life. There are times it occurs even when you can have the most wonderful things, because depression just happens. So if that ever occurs in your life, we’d like to ask you to not take it for granted. Just as Lili was pointing out, depression is still depression.

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Princess Diana

Yes, even royals are of no exception. The late Princess Diana talked about her postpartum depression once in an interview back in 1995. She said she had remembered feeling unwell all the time and constantly misunderstood as she would feel no one was listening to her. People had branded that kind of person behaving that way as an “attention-seeker” which was why she felt ashamed of herself, unable to cope with everything and all.

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Prince Harry

Princess Diana’s son, Prince Harry had also experienced depression. He stated that after his mom passed away when he was twelve, he had shut down all his emotions for the past twenty years, spending majority of his life telling people he was all fine and OK. Thankfully, his brother who was a huge blessing in his life had accompanied him and told him to express what he truly felt as he just couldn’t go on pretending that everything was OK when it really wasn’t. After that, the emotions had just suddenly rushed through him and he felt grief come rolling in.

Depression really isn’t easy no matter what kind of person you are. So if you ever feel it, don’t think that there’s something wrong with you. Don’t think that you need to be fixed. Don’t think you need to change. You want to know why? Well, it’s because all you really need is time — time to process things, time to stay in a quiet place, time to speak up to your friends, and time to yourself. Really, that’s just what everyone really needs.

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