Cha In Ha, Yet Another Korean Star Faces Death Before This Year Ends

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Twenty-eight more days and we could have survived another year. Unfortunately, just yesterday (December 3), we had to lose yet another Korean star so soon.

Born in the year of 1992, the Fantagio rookie actor, Cha in Ha, has been known for the drama series Are You Human? which is a science-fiction drama that tells the tale of how the mother a poisoned man creates an robot to take his very place.

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His showbiz career started as he joined an actor group titled Surprise U. He then found himself starring in the Korean drama, The Banker.

His last work is Love With Flaws, a romantic-comedy Korean drama with the perfect mix of cliché romantic banter that will have you hooked.

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He has also been known for being so positive, giving advice on how to heal, how he gets inspiration from his environment, and showing how happy he was on social media. These traits were very much spotted from his interview done just last month which has resurfaced as fans continue to cry their eyes out.

In fact, it was just a couple days before his death that the actor shared onv social media how delightfully happy he was so it was truly a shock to see that the actor would be gone so soon. Right when people figured that he was at the peak of his career, he had to vanish already apparently.

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Alas, it seemed that that happiness was drawn to a close yesterday as his manager has found Cha In Ha dead and at the ripe age of twenty-seven too. The cause of Cha In Ha’s death is yet to be investigated, but until then, Fantagio, the actor’s talent agency, made a statement regarding how the actor’s untimely death is still “unbelievable” for them.

Cha In Ha’ family and friends seem to feel the same way as they ask fans and the rest of Korea for privacy as they try to cope with their unexpected loss.

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This is the third time the Hallyu world has lost another star this year.

Last October, everyone has grieved the loss for Sulli who has been found by her manager unconscious. And just last month, people have expressed their sadness regarding the passing of Goo Hara who has committed suicide. And now, this month, we all grieve for the death of Cha In Ha.

Truly 2019 is quite a year of loss for Korean show business. All we can do is hope for the best next year.


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