Christmas Movies That You Should Binge Watch To On Your Couch With Some Fruit Cake

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Christmas is just around the corner and there’s nothing like spending the 24th of December than being on your couch with your loved ones and eating some popcorn or fruit cake while binge watching to the classic Christmas movies.

This year though, you may change things up a bit, because there are a ton new Christmas movies available at the comforts of your own home with the new streaming services you can download from the app store.

1. Klaus (Netflix)

Source: Filmxy

Klaus is an animated film that lives to tell the tale of how Santa Claus came to be. It’s the origin story we never knew we needed. Thankfully, someone conjured up the idea, because now we all have something to enjoy as we bask in the greatness of the legend of Santa Claus.

2. Noelle (Disney +)

Source: Disney+ Originals

Yes, Disney has their own streaming service and yes, they just made an original live-action movie in years.

The latest movie that has everyone going excited in the midst of the holiday rush stars Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader as siblings, Noelle and Nick Kringle (Anna and Bill respectively) who are the children of Sants Claus.

Source: Collider

When Nick Kringle is set to replace their father as Santa Claus, he feels pressured and runs away. In order to save Christmas, Noelle decides to search for her brother so he could fulfill his role as Santa Claus.

3. Let It Snow (Netflix)

Source: YouTube

Let It Snow is a new Netflix movie that is based on the novel of the same name. The film takes us on one crazy sled ride on the lives of a couple teens as they navigate through life and find love during Chrisrmas time.

The film stars a ton of notable teen stars — some of which to mention are Isabella Moner, Kiernan Shipka, Mitchell Hope, and Filipino actor Jacob Batalon.

4. The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix)

Source: Netflix

Another notable Filipino actor, or actress rather, is Vanessa Hudgens who has made her mark in Christmas films upon the release of The Princess Switch. Now, she has another film: The Knight Before Christmas, and it’s absolutely splendid.

The film takes us to a story where a medieval knight gets transported to the present and finds love in a science high school teacher who doesn’t really believe in it.

These are all the Christmas feelings that deserve to be watched especially by you in the comforts of your own home. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and stream these films on Netflix and Disney +. Why don’t you grab some perfect Christmas food while you’re at it? Spend watching these movies with your family, friends, and perhaps, even that special someone.

May you enjoy the Christmas cheers!


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