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Dami Lee’s Comics Are More Relatable Than Our Twitter Feed

Dami Lee’s Comics Are More Relatable Than Our Twitter Feed

Damie Lee, a Korean-American, is one of the greatest comic book artists and honestly, her comic strips are just too relatable. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’re introducing it to you right here and right now.

Wish There Was No Work Today — Honestly

Source: Dami Lee

The chart alwaaaaays wins.

Last Minute Plans.

Source: Facebook

Well, it’s not like you could say no to pizza.

The Usual Outfit.

Source: As Per Usual

We literally just can’t say no to our favorite sweater and pair of ripped jeans. WE JUST CAN’T. *breathes intensely*

The Perfect and Fatal Combo To Sleep.

Source: Dami Lee

And you actually wonder why you’re sooooo sleepy, huh…?

Cluelessly Tired.

Source: Reddit

We can’t understand either… *stays up until 12 A.M. and basically just never sleeps*

Solo Blues.

Source: Facebook



Source: Dami Lee

You might need to do better than that pal.

Food Photography Trick.

Source: Facebook

Don’t even pretend you don’t do this.

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He Will Find You.

No… Escape… NO ESCAPE.

All I Want For Christmas Is…

Source: Facebook

Gosh, kids. Be realistic.

With all that, why don’t you check Damie Lee’s book? It’s worth it!

Her comics are also on the Webtoon app for you to enjoy!

Here’s also a video of her, because we love her cuteness.

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