Did Taylor Swift Just Drop Two New Singles This Week? Yes, Yes She Did.

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Taylor Swift has just made this week the best week ever as she dropped two new singles we might have to play and press repeat on just to be blessed with such wholesome music.

She first shocked us with a duet version of the song Lover which just so happens to be the same title as the latest album she produced and released. The song is said to be inspired by Taylor’s long-term boyfriend (yes, that’s right — to those who don’t know it yet, the Taylor Swift has just found one true love). That would explain why it’s so romantic and why it contains this deep message that seems very personal and very true to the heart. Because of this, it’s really no wonder why Taylor just had to make it a duet, making a collaboration or a “collabora-Shawn” rather of it with none other than Canadian singer Shawn Mendes (whose voice is just super awesome to hear too by the way).

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Compared to the original solo, the duet version is more upbeat, being a remix, and has a bunch of other lyrics partially written by Shawn Mendes, himself. Speaking of those new lyrics, Taylor’s fans, along with Shawn’s of course, are suspecting the lyrics he put in the duet version of Lover are intended for Camila Cabello.

Another song Taylor just released is the one she wrote for the upcoming Cats movie that’s based on the Broadway play of the same name. The song is meant to be sung by Taylor’s co-star, ballet dancer Francesca Hayward, but of course, her version of the song just had to be sung and released for all our ears.

Source: Playbill

Beautiful Ghosts is an enchanting song, capturing the innocence of Victoria the white cat towards life despite her desire to try for a new life like the other cats.


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