Erwan Heussaff Defends Wife, Anne Curtis From “Disrespectful” and “Awkward” Comments

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Anne Curtis has been an actress since she was around twelve, starring in movies and shows here, there, and basically, everywhere. As time passed, she continued to grow as an actress and eventually became known for her fierce, bold, and sexy films. Now, Anne has another sexy film showing in cinemas currently nationwide with the title of, “Just A Stranger”. You’d think that as she’d come back to that part of her career, people would be thrilled and await for Anne’s sexy action with the most meaningful plot and lines; however, what welcomed the actress was far from what we’d all think. She, herself, might not even have seen it coming.

People have been commenting on social media how “disrespectful” Anne is towards her husband for posting sexy promotional posters and pictures of the movie on Instagram along with her leading man, Marco Gumabao. There have also been comments remarking how “awkward” Erwan must feel from the movie. With all these, it didn’t take long until Erwan spoke up and defended his charming lawfully wedded wife.

“Last I checked, I’m the husband and I know how I feel (which is completely fine by the way, thanks for asking). So no need to throw around words like disrespect or dictate what a person should or shouldn’t do after getting married,” he said after dubbing the comments as “hilarious”.

“I’ve known my wife as an actress since day 1,” Erwan continued, “and I have the utmost admiration for what she does. End of story. I don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable when watching these movies (you guys commenting make it awkward). I actually actively gave Anne inputs when I read the script on how I think the story could be developed or portrayed.”

Erwan even added that people shouldn’t be “sexist”, noting that if it was “a married guy actor doing love scenes, no one would have any issue with it.”


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