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Everyone’s Going Crazy For Lee Minho and No, It Isn’t The Lee Minho You May Think Of

Everyone’s Going Crazy For Lee Minho and No, It Isn’t The Lee Minho You May Think Of

Ahhhhh, K-pop idols and K-drama actors. They’re such a sight, aren’t they? A 100% swoon worthy and we’d honestly kill to have at least one of them as our boyfriend. OK, so maybe that just crossed the line of being a tad crazy, but hey, I guess you could say we are — crazy in love. OK, OK. Maybe we should stop it with those smooth lines, because for starters, they’re sorta cringe worthy and for our second reason, it’s because you all seriously need to see this one Korean idol that has captured our hearts as soon as possible. His name may sound familiar, but it isn’t exactly the person you might think of.

Lee Minho. “Boys Over Flowers”, “The Heirs”, and “The Legend of The Blue Sea” star. He’s been the actor we’ve all been going crazy for. He may have even contributed a lot to our childhood. And though he’s super charming as well and may have just gotten out of the army (and he’s got a project he’s working on just to mention), he isn’t the Lee Minho we’re talking about. Surprising, we know. But chillax guys, because there’s another Lee Minho in town and everyone’s hearts are going doki doki for him (this may be a weaboo reference, but it was worth putting this here — we just seriously had to).

A vocalist, dancer, and rapper of a K-pop group who is known as Lee Know or simply, Minho. Yes, this is the Lee Minho we’re talking about. Apparently the K-pop idol is a member of “Stray Kids” and honestly, their music is lit and something worth looking into.

Oh and by the way, we’ve managed to get all the information we could on Minho, because sharing is caring and we care for you all. Plus you deserved to be blessed with his greatness.

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Source: Stray Kids Fandom

It’s all the details we could get from the Stray Kids fandom website and honestly, we feel like swooning or fainting every time we read it. We guess Lee Minho may have to revive us? With… we don’t know, CPR maybe? OK, that may sound like a stretch, but hey, it’s all all right. As long as we get to bask in his talent and amazingness that everything’s all OK.

Check out more of Lee Minho by supporting “Stray Kids”! Stan them! It’s all worth it!

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