Everything You Need to Know About Dennis Padilla’s Message to Gerald Anderson

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A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way. In the height of the controversy involving Julia Barretto, Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo, Julia’s dad Dennis Padilla has something to say to his beloved daughter – “Pahinga ka muna”. In english, he wanted Julia to take a rest. By “rest” he meant staying away from using social media and going away on a vacation if possible. He also told her to ignore negative comments and messages from random people, be it known or unknown to her, as further reaction regarding the issue will only worsen the situation. He wanted Julia to do all these while waiting for the controversy to die down as it will only continue to flourish if she carries on commenting and responding back especially to comments – both negative and positive.

Dennis acknowledges being affected by the said controversy being the father of Julia Barretto. He admitted that there are times that he wanted to visit one of each basher and maul them at their own homes. He also confessed that he was trying to reach out to Gerald to talk about the controversy by sending him four text messages, but the young actor hasn’t responded to him at all – not even once. According to him, he is only trying to make things clear to Gerald and reminded him that he is the father of the young actress. In an interview with famous TV host Boy Abunda, Dennis Padilla left a message to Gerald on national television asking him to reply to his messages. He confirmed, however, that he was able to talk to Gerald on phone prior to texting him.

Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto were costars in the film “Between Maybes” which was released last May. Both had past relationships with Bea Alonzo and Joshua Garcia, respectively.


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