Feel Free to Express Yourself and Join Urban Decay’s “Pretty Different” Makeup Campaign

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No matter how much you prepare, how many people are behind your back, how great your ideas are, or how much money you have, failure is inevitable especially if you try to pretend to be someone you aren’t. Being yourself not only feels good but also has a number of benefits that come along with it. When you are honest about your limitations, you are giving yourself the love that you deserve – and this is so important in this life that we live in. So what does being yourself have anything to do with today’s topic? Well, I’m here to share an inspiring story about a makeup brand that advocates equality and encourages uniqueness.

About twenty three years ago, when the world of cosmetics was primarily made of pink and red hues and there wasn’t much alternative makeup available in the market, Urban Decay was born. In January of 1996, the brand released their first makeup line which consisted of 10 lipsticks and 12 nail polishes named after hardcore elements such as Smog, Rust, Roach, and Acid Rain. Their concept was entirely different compared to the rest of the beauty brands in the whole wide world: to disrupt boundaries, be yourself, and challenge the status quo. Today, Urban Decay is known all over the world – from the United States to Europe and Asia. They continue to push their belief that makeup is for everyone and pursue to reinvent the meaning of what a “beauty brand” should be.

Inspired by this rock and roll spirit, Urban Decay still sticks to their vision of beauty beyond standards today. They recently launched their “Pretty Different” campaign, which features some of their Global citizens such as famous artists and musicians Lizzo, Joey King, Ezra Miller, Karol G, and CL. The campaign is promoted by futuristic videos starred by these famous faces. They believe that these five iconic individuals are powerful in their own unique way because they inspire to push boundaries. Apart from representing the “Pretty Different” campaign, Lizzo, Joey King, Ezra Miller, CL, and Karol G will also star in the upcoming launches of Urban Decay this 2019. This is definitely something to look forward to!

The “Pretty Different” campaign is all about celebrating uniqueness and having unapologetic fun with makeup. This fierce crusade is definitely another level of epic because of this ethos. Urban Decay empowers people regardless of gender and beliefs. They encourage strength and uniqueness in each and every one of us.


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