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Find Out How Moira Dela Torre Handles Criticisms With Class

Find Out How Moira Dela Torre Handles Criticisms With Class

No matter how beautiful, talented, smart, and amazing you are, you can never please everyone. This is so true especially to famous celebrities and artists. With fame and success come jealousy and criticism. You have to be ready to face the negativity especially if you are a public figure who is going to be famous.

Popular young singer Moira dela Torre has gone through a lot of bashing online as she rose to fame. She even admitted that she sulked in depression because of this. After being chosen to be one of the judges in “Idol Philippines”, netizens started to show their thumbs down on her as they think Moira lacked the right energy for the role. However, in one of her interviews with “Push”, the young and talented singer-songwriter said that she has learned how to deal with negative comments by simply responding to them using lyrics of her songs. Moira admitted that she used to have trouble dealing with criticisms in the past but as she has grown into a full-blown record-breaking artist, she learned to even offer prayers for her bashers. She added that whenever someone shows negativity, the person may be going through something difficult in life or feels empty inside; thus, instead of responding in a bad way, she affirms these people with her own song lyrics, sealed with a prayer.

Moira mentioned how her husband, Jason Marvin Hernandez, has been a great source of motivation and strength to her. Jason was a reminder that there is good in this world despite the widespread hate in social media.

Moira dela Torre is a twenty five year old singer-songwriter who marked her name in the local music industry for her Himig Handog winning single “Titibo-tibo”. She became Spotify Philippines’ number one most streamed artist last year after releasing her full album “Tagpuan”, which comprises beautiful songs such as “Malaya” and “Tagpuan”, among others. She recently performed “Mabagal”, a Himig Handog song with actor Daniel Padilla.

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