Finding Mushu — Everyone Can’t Stop But Wish The Animated Movie’s Original Dragon Was Kept In The Live Action

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Disney has been reviving their animated classics through the making of live action movies that sometimes keep the whole story in, but often times, the company tends to change some elements from their own stories.

Disney’s upcoming Mulan live action movie is one of them as many things change with the flow of the story such as the characters, genre, tone, and the fact that Mushu, everyone’s favorite little dragon, isn’t even part of the film.

This was scene in the full trailer of the movie which had just dropped recently.

We’ve all been warned of this possibility, but with all the criticisms, many fans have been wishing for Disney to at least add the animated classic’s most promising sidekick, Mushu.

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First thing’s first, we all know Mushu was originally voiced by the legendary comedian, Eddie Murphy. His character was based on food from Chinese menus in the United States of America.

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Basically, it’s all because the original animated Mulan is actually a Chinese-American retelling of the ballad tale. This would explain why they added the element of a sassy little dragon who could be mistaken for a lizard.

Now, however; Disney has decided to take a more “Chinese authentic” take. This is unfortunately why the new movie won’t seem to feature a talking animal sidekick which we have always found in Mushu.

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Reports have shown that the movie will embody a phoenix character sidekick rather than a dragon one to stay more true to the original literary work. This guy won’t likely be talking.

Fortunately, cricket is staying as a movie and even has a voice actor of his own. We certainly can’t wait to see him again and how he’ll even be portrayed in the film, considering they’ll be using CGI.

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As much as this change has sort of broken our hearts, because we have just gotten used to the original legendary animated classic, we still can’t wait to see how Mulan will turn out to be.

Who knows? It could be even more successful than Disney’s last hit live-action, The Lion King.


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