Five Christmas Gifts That Will Make An Otaku Merry For Christmas

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We all have different sorts of things we like. From merchandises to fandoms, every person varies. Now, if you have a friend who’s a certified otaku that you want to give a gift to for the Christmas season and have no idea what to give him or her, well you have come to the right place, because you may know exactly what your friend wants, coming from certified otakus like ourselves.

Here are the top five things you can give to your otaku friend that we found on Shopee and Lazada.

Attack on Titan Jacket

Source: Amazon

You have absolutely no idea how jackets are essential in the Attack on Titan fandom and that’s simply because it’s the costume each soldier wears in order to classify his or her group. The most famous group in the anime is the Scout Regiment. It’s a group where the main characters belong to.

You would honestly be doing your friend a favor if you’d buy him or her this jacket. It’s too good to not notice.

At Shopee, the jacket ranges from 404 to 1,000 pesos.

On Lazada, it costs 579 to 860 pesos with free shipping.

The Death Note

Source: AliExpress

The Death Note is the most important thing in the anime which is pretty much where the title of the anime hails from. Although it may not hold the powers of the actual Death Note (as if we would want that to happen), this is something that would absolutely spark joy to any otaku around who enjoys this classic anime. After all, it can be handy as a planner.

On Shopee, the notebook that looks identical to the anime’s costs 179 to 208 pesos.

At Lazada, on the other hand, the notebook costs 245.10 to 1,520.50 pesos with free shipping. And it shows the inside of the notebook too which looks exact of that to the anime’s. Some of the offers here come with two notebooks as there were actually to Death Notes in the anime.

Koro Sensei Stuffed Toy

Source: AliExpress

Assassination Classroom is one of the most popular anime to date and that’s mostly thanks to its crazy plot and funny characters, one of which is the octopus like teacher.

Any otaku fun of this anime would want this for Christmas, simply because it could remind them of Koro sensei’s sweet life lessons and his funny and weird personality.

On Shopee, the toy ranges from 418 to 1,032 pesos.

At Lazada, it’s 803 to 1,570 pesos with free shipping.

Ken Kaneki’s Face Mask


Tokyo Ghoul is pretty cool when it comes to those action-packed scenes. What’s mostly cool about it though is the mask Kaneki uses throughout the series when his hair turns white. The mask in the anime has eventually been designed as a face mask that your otaku friend who may be a fan of this anime may use to keep safe from the pollution surrounding him or her while keeping up in style to his or her favorite anime.

The face mask costs 51 to 115 pesos on Shopee.

On Lazada, it’s a zipper face mask that ranges from 87 to 170 pesos with free shipping.

This may be the cheapest gift on this list and the simplest one too! Still, it’s something your otaku friend is guaranteed to enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and buy these for your otaku friend this Christmas!


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