Flourishing Beauty on a Budget

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The thought of buying and possessing luxurious products for makeup is such a big investment. As they say, if you want that look you need to invest for it. But what if maintaining that beauty in you will lead you to break that bank? You don`t want to find yourself lurking to buy expensive and luxurious makeup products and become broke. Flourishing beauty doesn`t come with great expensive amount of price, sometimes you just need to be practical, especially nowadays where all the necessities for a living is incredibly increasing and sometimes you really need to cut up expenses or be on a budget. Makeup products that you use doesn`t need to be expensive there are some alternative makeup products that will suit your style, quality and your budget. We are giving you some makeup products that will keep your beauty flourish on a budget and the good thing is you can buy it on a drugstore, malls and at your most comfortable place because some of the products can be order through online stores.

And by the way, you might want to keep your wallet ready after reading this article.

Let`s start with foundation and concealers. Makeup products such as Maybelline Fit Me face powder and liquid foundation, Nichido face powder, L’Oreal liquid foundation and powder, Everbilena face powder, Wet n Wild face powder foundation and Vice cosmetics duo finish foundation. They all offer their best liquid foundation, matte foundation, full coverage foundation, face powder and concealer with price range from 300-800 php, budget wise right? These products are tested by many celebrities, known Bloggers and Vloggers to prove the quality and efficiency of the said products.

Before buying make sure to know your skin type and shade for the foundation and concealer to blend properly to your skin, you don`t want to end up with a cakey face, right?

Next is makeup products for your eyes, painting those eyes with products that will surely go with your budget. Hypercurl from Maybelline, Volume Curl by Everbilena, Sunnies face eyebrow pencil and brush, Happy skin Ph All eyes on Hue eyeshadow palette, Nichido eyebrow brush, Everbilena ULTIMATTE Eyeshadow Palette and Wet n Wild Smokey eye palette with a budget friendly price ranging from 200-600 php.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BtTL-5LAPSL/?igshid=yb5bcenyxs2j&fbclid=IwAR1xksRVwTT5SqEo_qeLNmqS8NmNMG9Nft- f47CHDfP6ck7X2w5IqDM8gBc

And blush for cheeks, temple and jaw line, makeup products such as Nichido, Vice cosmetics, Maybelline Fit me blush, and the newswet product form Sunnies face their Air blush, you can get each product from 200-500 php budget.

Down to our lips, Maybelline known for their Super stay Matte ink lipstick, Vice ganda Goodvibes matte lipstick, Sunnies face flush lipstick, Happy Skin Ph lipstick and Blk lipsticks. Each product will cost your around 299-500 each.

These makeup products are just few and the most popular among the beauty products that you can find in a drugstore, mall and online. Cheap and affordable products is not bad at all, especially makeup products are proven and tested not just for the look it will give you but the quality of the product. Make sure to include the comfortability and compatibility of the makeup onto your skin, it important that you radiate that beauty not just form the outside but form within.


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