For Your Eyes Only: Eyeshadow Trend 2019

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If you’re one of the many girls who do a makeup rut, a person becomes a Picasso or a Michaelangelo, you are creatively and aesthetically transforming a barefaced into a piece of art look. One of the highlights of your artwork is the eyeshadow, women mostly prefer a classic neutral eyeshadow to achieve that simple but elegant look, whether it is for everyday or for special occasion. But sometimes you get bored and want to play some colors and have more fun in exploring and its now the time to upgrade your go-to look! So here`s the newest trend for eyeshadow that will surely give you the vibe of the year.

Eyeshadow Trend #1 Living Coral Eye

We are Living Coral this 2019! Girls itโ€™s you time to play and have fun with hue colors of pink, this trend for 2019 is a classic, aside form it is known for that natural, dewy yet chic look but doing a little experiment can show a vibrant and more refreshing look. Here are some Filipina celebrities who nailed it.

Claudia Barreto

This girl knows how to do a sophisticated yet natural look. The coral eyeshadow blended naturally on her skin which gives her a dewy look. Girls who love a natural look/without make up look, this is your inspo.

But sometimes try to be fun and very creative. Refreshing vibrant colors for a complete glam look.

Anne Curtis

The timeless beauty of Anne complements the fresh and youthful color of her eyeshadow.

Her own makeup line also offers shades and colors of coral pink which everyone loves especially those girls who want to have the Korean fresh look.

Eyeshadow Trend #2 Sunset Eye

This sunset eye trend is the top list last 2018 and this year remains one of the best tend for eyeshadow makeup. The Refinery29 (Hollywood Can’t Get Enough Of This Sunny Summer Makeup Trend by Erika Stadler/ saying, โ€œ By combining a vibrant lip color in shades of bougainvillea, hot coral, or orange-red with eyeshadows and liners in sunny yellow, marigold, or copper, the color-changing aspects of a spectacular sunset are represented without looking garish.โ€ This trend is mostly loved by people who love vibrant colors, who love to highlight their eyes using neutral undertones to vibrant crease of the eyes. So here are some samples of the eyeshadow trend.

Maymay Entrata

A soft sunset eyeshadow looks with a colorful blend of purple to pink hues with a perfect eyeliner wing matching with some glitter bronze to highlight the eyeshadow that compliments to the shade of the lipstick.

KZ Tandingan

She literally rose on this look, those pink undertones and vibrant fuchsia used on lids and pink cotton candy vibes under her eye and some bronze shimmer to create depth and dimension of the look.

Eyeshadow Trend #3 Monochromatic Eye

This trend is an art of matching up the color of your eye and lip as well as your blush sometimes. You just need to follow a certain rule, โ€œsame, but different.โ€ Which is clearly tackled by Breuchard “It’s all about using the same tones and shades of color. And making sure that your eyes, cheeks, and lips all mimic each other in a beautiful way.” Playing with textures, a mixture of metallic to glitter eyeshadows will surely compliment and give that edge look. It is also a way of saving time especially if you`re in a hurry and need to do a look which compliments your eye and lip because you donโ€™t need to think of other colors or shade that you have, you just need to stick with one color. So here are some inspo for this makeup.

Nadine Lustre

Nude and brown are the best shades to experiment and flatter every type of skin tone. By just using 3 shades on your lids, make sure to put darker shades outside the corner of the eyes and crease it with lighter ones top it off with highlight and nude lipstick and voila! youโ€™re good to go!

Rachel Peters

This is an inspo for an ultra-glam       look, brown and bronze matte shades blended for smoky edges. Dab shimmery shades to compliment the look. Match it with a bronzer and a matte lipstick for a total glam look like a true beauty queen.

So, these are the top three Eyeshadow trends for 2019, which eyeshadow trend would you like to try on? Just remember to be yourself all the time and don`t be afraid to try something new maybe bolder options, play on some texture for better dimension or same old make up just put a twist on it and you will surely surprise everyone. Remember you`ll will never know if you will not try!